Advisor For Georgetown Says He Hopes Conservative Pundit Allie Stuckey Has #MeToo Moment


There are times when the supposedly “tolerant” and “inclusive” care bears on the left expose their hypocrisy in such enormously egregious ways that it leaves you wondering how these folks have any sort of credibility at all.

Ever since allegations of sexual assault and harassment have flowed out of Hollywood, liberal feminists have had an absolute ball relishing in the spotlight given to the #metoo movement, claiming to stand up against “rape culture” and for women’s rights. It’s a real point of pride for these folks.

However, it seems the equality these people are fighting to defend is only reserved for other female leftists because if you’re a conservative, these same crusaders actually hope and wish for said individual to experience the horrors of sexual assault.

This is precisely what Georgetown advisor Jeff Bernsetin tweeted about young conservative pundit Allie Stuckey.

Campus Reform is reporting:

A Georgetown University Master of Foreign Service (MSFS) advisory board member tweeted Saturday afternoon that he wishes Allie Stuckey has a “#metoo moment.”

Jeff Bernstein made the comment after Stuckey tweeted that “The #metoo moment is a symptom of a broken world,” to which Bernstein replied by expressing hope that Stuckey would be victimized, herself.

The comment made by Bernstein then set off a firestorm of tweets against the comment he made, as many interpreted it as a call for Stuckey to be sexually assaulted.

After a back and forth tweet exchange between Stuckey and Bernstein, he finally tweeted “I apologize,” adding that “I shouldn’t have said that. I thought you were implying that the fact that this moment is happening meant that the world was not functioning properly, similar to how you have minimized the terrible things Trump has said/done. I would never wish harm on anyone.”

However, Bernstein did not admit that he was wishing harm on Stuckey, and later tweeted that “I was not at all implying that, and the folks at Georgetown know me for 30 years. I meant you need to have a moment of truth Allie. You have continued to make insensitive comments about refugees; immigrants; pro-choice; people of color; women.”

Bernstein is apparently still feeling the heat from the chastisement he received online because he’s still begging for forgiveness, even releasing an additional statement to Campus Reform about the incident:

“I apologize for making a stupid and insensitive comment. I would never wish harm on anyone and apologized to Allie repeatedly,” he said. “I feel terribly. I have been a continuous voice against gender bias. As a father of three, I am embarrassed and this is a lesson for me that words have power.”

Stuckey replied by stating that she feels the apology only came about because Bernstein was publicly humiliated and had his reputation soiled, not because he desired to be a decent human being and do the right thing.

She went on to say, “I simply said that we live in a broken (sinful) world, and sexual assault and harassment is symptomatic of that brokenness,” she noted. “He responds with a wish that I have my own #metoo moment. I took that, obviously, to mean he hopes I get assaulted so that I ‘learn my lesson.’”

Stuckey also stated that she believed the comment was offensive to those who have suffered through sexual assault.

While Bernstein might have apologized for his comments, the bottom line is that if a conservative had made similar comments to a woman, there would be demands for said individual to be given a swift boot to the unemployment line.

Bernstein needs to face some sort of penalty imposed by the school for his actions to further drive home the point that such behavior, whether online or in the classroom, will not be tolerated.