Are African Elephants Really More Important Than American Babies?


Over the last few days, Trump has caused, and subsequently quelled, mass outcry over his short-lived decision to lift a ban on the import of trophy hunted elephants from Zimbabwe.

Elephants and other safari animals are often a point of extreme outrage from the left, who clearly consider a life valuable only if it seems exotic and possibly endangered. Remember when everyone melted down over Cecil the lion?

The outrage began on Thursday, when the US Fish and Wildlife Services would begin issuing permits on ‘sport-hunted trophies from elephants hunted in Zimbabwe’ between January 21, 2016 and December 31, 2018.’

Actress Bridgette Bardot, who, as a French sex icon is clearly qualified to speak on both American politics and African trophy hunting, called Trump ‘unfit for office’ for this decision.

As with most hunting, the simple act of killing animals isn’t necessarily inherently evil and can in some cases even help the overall population.

While global elephant species have been declining in part due to illegal hunting practices, the Daily Mail says that “a provision in the Endangered Species Act says the import of such trophies can be legal if accompanied by proof that the hunting benefits broader conservation of the species.”

The Trumps have come under fire for trophy hunting in the past as Donald Trump Jr. is a fan and was sharply criticized for a picture of his own elephant kill from 2012.

Uncharacteristically for Trump, however, he apparently couldn’t take the heat. Despite the fact that by Friday, his press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was working hard to defend the decision to uplift the ban, he took to Twitter to announce he’d changed his mind:

It took this man a mere 24 hours to reconsider the import of trophy hunted elephants into the United States from a country in which it is legal to kill said elephants, and yet for 10 months, he has been President of a country that systematically murders thousands of human babies a day.

Mr. Trump, if you can be so easily swayed to “save the elephants,” why not the babies? Why not innocent American children whose constitutional right to life is violated as their short lives are ended?

Why would you heed angry leftists on Twitter and octogenarian French actresses and not a significant portion of your voting base who wants to see abortion ended?

The constitution is not designed to protect African elephants and has no stipulations for conservatism or endangered species. It is first and foremost to protect the lives of Americans, and uniquely recognizes that the right we have to live is not given to us by our government but by God Himself.

Under your administration, Mr. Trump, your citizens are dying each and every day. Perhaps you can take this genocide as seriously as you do the outrage over trophy elephants.