After a Year of Celibacy, Once-Promiscuous Homosexual Finds Himself Attracted to Women, Not Men


There is a pervasive attitude towards homosexuality that you’ve likely heard before; that homosexuals were “born this way.”

While we are certainly all born sinners, and it is understandable that many people who struggle with same-sex attraction do just that, struggle, it is pure hogwash that it is a sexual desire that is impossible to change, or that because someone has such a difficult time changing, they simply ought not to.

Imagine if we applied this logic to anything else that we recognize as unhealthy sexual behavior? Adultery? The desire to rape? Pedophilia? (The latter, of course, we are starting to see advocated for more and more.)

However, what constantly debunks the idea of being “born this way” is the experience of individuals who do the unthinkable: change their homosexual attractions.

While any believer of Jesus Christ knows that in Him is the power to break every chain, here is a story out of the UK of a homosexual man who simply, well, stopped having sex with men for a year, and found himself suddenly attracted to women and no longer attracted to men.

Imagine that! By not giving in to his sexual attraction to the same sex, over time, it faded away. It’s almost as if…he wasn’t born that way!

LifeSiteNews reports:

Dominic Hilton, after performing homosexual acts with up to 150 men and engaging in 4 longer-term relationships with other males during his young life and working as a ‘male escort,’ clearly surprised himself with the discovery that he isn’t ‘gay’ after all.

“If you’d have asked me in the past if a person can change their sexuality, I’d have said no – but I’m living proof that you can,” Hilton told The Mirror. “Sex is always something I enjoyed, but this past year, that sexual attraction to men has just gone.”

“It was a gradual thing – not like someone flicked a switch and I was straight – but now I am actively seeking a girl to settle down with,” said Hilton.

Following the break up with his ‘boyfriend’ on Christmas Day, 2017, the 27-year-old from Bournemouth, England resolved that in the new year he would abstain from sexual activity and dating.

“I started reading up on celibacy and saw people talk about how it had helped their self-esteem, lessened their anxieties, given them more energy and generally taught them more about who they were,” said Hilton, according to a Daily Mail report.

By choosing to be celibate for a period of time, Hilton had only hoped to feel a little better about himself, and gain a sense of control over his life.

“At that point, I was still feeling down about my break up, so I just wanted to do something to make me happy. I never imagined celibacy would change my life as much as it has.”

Over the course of 2018, Hilton noticed he was becoming increasingly attracted to women, and soon came to the conclusion that he was no longer attracted to men. He reached a major turning point while on vacation last fall.

“My male friend and I were on holiday in Alicante, Spain in October, and where I’d usually be chatting about guys we could see, and if I thought they were attractive, I just couldn’t join in,” Hilton told The Mirror.

“Then my friend turned to me and said, ‘You really are straight, aren’t you?’

It turned out that yes, Hilton was straight.

“I have no intention of sleeping with a man again,” he says.

Most noteworthy, perhaps, is how people reacted when he “came out” as straight.

“Telling everyone I was straight was like coming out all over again,” he explains.

The world certainly isn’t too accommodating to stories like Hilton’s is it?

It is important to note that, without Jesus, Hilton is still living in sin, and he even admits he’s looking for a woman to “lose his virginity to,” so keep him in prayer.

The change he experienced with he no longer gave in to homosexual desires, however, is indicative that just because someone has same sex attraction does not mean they have no other option than to act on it.

Clearly, they do, and as Hilton proves, resisting same-sex attraction just may very well be pretty effective.

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