After Repeal of Eighth Amendment, 95% of Irish Doctors Won’t Perform Abortions


Last year, abortion advocates fought and won a battle to repeal Ireland’s Eighth Amendment, which forbade abortion and recognized the sacred rights of the unborn.

A minority of radical pro-aborts, funded by progressive causes from other countries, managed to squeeze enough votes out and push the law through Parliament that would legalize the murder of the unborn.

Pro-life advocates around the world watched in horror as the Irish voted away the recognition that life in the womb is precious and in need of protection, but now, the medical community does not appear up to the job.

Life Site reports:

Fewer than 5 percent of doctors in Ireland have told the government that they are willing to abort unborn babies.

Abortions became legal on Jan. 1 in Ireland, but 95 percent of doctors are not willing to do them, the Southern Star reports.

While abortion activists blame a fear of pro-life protests for the lack of abortionists, the more likely reason is that most doctors do not think killing a human being should be part of the medical profession.

Leading medical groups also have said the abortion law was pushed through too quickly, creating an “unacceptable and unsafe” environment for women in Ireland.

The Irish health department said 179 general practitioners have signed up to do abortions, but about 30 of them asked that their names not be shared through the government abortion hotline, according to the report.

Offaly Express reports at least four counties do not have any abortionists: Offaly, Leitrim, Carlow and Slingo.

Ireland’s new abortion law, which was rammed through parliament in December, allows abortions for any reason up to 12 weeks of pregnancy and up to six months in a wide variety of circumstances. It also forces taxpayers to pay for abortions and forces Catholic hospitals to provide them. The new law strictly limits conscience protections for medical professionals, and hundreds of doctors and nurses fear being forced to help abort unborn babies or lose their jobs.

Keep praying for the unborn in Ireland, and for our brothers and sisters who are fighting to ensure that their lives are once again recognized as sacred.