Alabama Abortion Clinic Facing Lawsuit Over Accusation That Horrific Botched Abortion Left Woman Bleeding, Without Pulse   

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An Alabama abortion clinic is facing a firestorm from activists and a lawsuit from a one-time patient after the woman says the clinic botched her abortion and left her bleeding, only calling an ambulance when she no longer appeared to have a pulse.

Under the pseudonym Jane Stone, the woman filed a suit in November against the West Alabama Women’s Center over the horrific incident, which took place in December 2020.

Pro-life groups are now calling on public health officials to shut the clinic down.

The suit alleges that Dr. Tamer Middleton’s mistakes caused Stone to suffer a lacerated cervix, perforated uterus, and other complications including internal hemorrhaging which nearly resulted in the woman’s death.

She alleges that the clinic workers left her bleeding in a recovery chair although she was losing consciousness and begging them to call an ambulance, which they did not do until she no longer had a detectible pulse.

After she was finally rushed to the ER, the only thing doctors could do was perform an emergency hysterectomy.

She is now no longer able to have children as a result.

Legal documents state this means she now expects “significant medical bills and out-of-pocket expenses related to in vitro fertilization and surrogacy” should she plan to have children in the future.

The documents also accuse the clinic of failing to disclose that “Dr. Leah Torres, WAWC’s medical director who was responsible for the operation and safety of all practices and procedures performed at WAWC, had her medical license revoked in August 2020.”

Torres has allegedly received a cease and desist order from the Medical Licensure Commission of Alabama and “was not authorized to function as medical director at the time” of Stone’s botched abortion.

The pro-life group CEC for Life claims that another woman, April Lowery, died as a result of a botched abortion at the clinic seven months prior and that while this prompted an investigation into Louis Payne, the clinic suffered no repercussions for the incident. Payne, meanwhile, later surrendered his license.

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