Alabama Abortion Clinic Failed to Report Sex Abuse of 13-Year-Old Potential Human Trafficking Victim


An Alabama abortion clinic has been cited by the Alabama Department of Public health for violating state law–twice–that requires the clinic to report pregnancies in girls under the age of 14, which has led to concerns that the girl was being trafficked.

Unfortunately, the failure on the part of the clinic to report the young victim and her multiple abortions happened over two years ago, and it is unclear if the clinic will face repercussions of any kind.

Operation Rescue reports that the girl received two abortions at the Montgomery clinic, Reproductive Health Services, within 15 months, and that a recently released inspection report revealed a request for two charts involving the girl.

“Alabama law requires that [if a] pregnant minor is under the age of 14, her name must be reported to the Department of Human Services,” Operation Rescue explains.

“One of the charts revealed that in January 2016, a pregnant girl came to the abortion facility for informed consent information,” they continue. “The girl indicated that she was in the 9th grade and said her date of birth was July 3, 2000. That would have made her 15 years old. There was no mention of the age of the baby’s father in the citation narrative.”

The girl was accompanied by a woman who claimed to be her mother, and spoke no English. The girl served as translator between this woman and the clinic staff.

Although the girl had claimed to be 15, “on the date of the abortion, the girl returned with her birth certificate, which documented that her actual birth date was July 3, 2002, making her only 13 years old.”

This is where the clinic failed to comply with state law as they did not report the suspected child abuse. When the girl returned again in April 2017, for another abortion, the clinic once again failed to report suspected abuse. In neither case was any mention of the baby’s father’s age made by clinic staff, which would have been vital in determining if this girl was a victim in abuse or trafficking.


“Let’s call this what it is. A girl was raped at age 13 and no one lifted a finger to help her or save her from future rapes,” says Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “It is clear that the abortion staff either didn’t care enough about that girl to report or they were actively covering up her abuse.”

Once this failure to report was discovered by the health inspector, “the facility’s ‘Director/Owner’ hurriedly placed a phone call in the presence of the inspector to the Department of Human Services and reported information for possible sex abuse — two years after the fact.”

Operation Rescue notes that the inspection report has no mention of any penalties that Reproductive Health Services might be subject two following the incredibly serious violations.

“This failure of the abortion facility’s staff to report suspected child sex abuse in a timely manner subjected this 13-year old girl to additional sex abuse, as evidenced by a second abortion just 15 months after the first. A simple phone call could have prevented this suffering,” said Newman. “Given the sketchy information provided by the girl and her so-called mother, it leads me to wonder if this child was being trafficked. There should be serious penalties for the clinic, which must be held at least partially responsible for any crimes committed against this girl.”

This is one very good example of why there is no reason to try to regulate abortion. Yes, abortion ends a human life and there is no way to make that any less egregious. But it also victimizes women and girls, by creating a means by which they can be turned into reusable and disposable sex objects. Abortion is an incredible boon to those who exploit women and children for prostitution, and there is too much temptation for abortion clinics to aid and abet these heinous crimes in the process of providing “services.”

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