Alabama Bill Would Make It A Felony To Prescribe Hormones, Puberty Blockers, “Reassignment Surgery” To Minors


Alabama has become the newest state to propose legislation that would protect young, gender-confused children from doing irreparable damage to their bodies with “transition” treatments such as puberty blocking drugs and cross-sex hormones.

Late last month, Rep. Wes Allen and Sen. Shay Shelnutt introduced the Vulnerable Child Compassion and Protection Act (VCAP) in the House and Senate, respectively, according to The Advance Local.

“I was shocked when I found out doctors in Alabama were prescribing these types of drugs to children,” Allen said in a news release at the time. “This is something you hear about happening in California or New York but it is happening right here in Alabama and it’s time we put a stop to that practice.”

If passed into law, VCAP would make it a Class C felony for a doctor to prescribe puberty-blockers or hormones or perform “sex reassignment surgery” on children under the age of 19.

“These children are suffering from a psychological disorder, just as someone who is suffering with bipolar disorder or schizophrenia but we treat those patients and try to help them,” Allen continued. “We should treat these psychological disorders as well.”

The Advance Local, however, pointed to the American Academy of Pediatrics policy statement issued in 2018 that coincides with the removal of gender identity disorders from the Diagnostic Safety Manual, effectively declaring transgenderism a valid expression of human sexuality and not a psychological disorder.

“Variations in gender identity and expression are normal aspects of human diversity, and binary definitions of gender do not always reflect emerging gender identities,” the statement reads, in part.

The AAP statement and the DSM update both signified a massive, dangerous shift in the medical community’s philosophy and approach to transgenderism, especially in children. With these, we saw a nearly instant shift from a care model that employed, at a minimum, mental health screenings of gender-confused children to a  “gender-affirmative care model” that sees any child questioning their gender prescribed dangerous drugs and referred for surgery as quickly as a few hours after their first meeting with a gender specialist.

The bill is picking up speed in both the House and the Senate with both Republicans and Democrats passing the measure out of both committees and recommending it for a full floor vote.

“One thing we’ve emphasized with respect to this bill — although some opponents are portraying it as a radical [idea] — is that it’s actually quite modest, because it targets only these physical interventions and only for minors,” said Family Research Council’s Peter Sprigg of the bill. “So this bill does nothing to prevent children, for example, from going through what’s called a social transition. Children are free to do with the support of their parents to change the way they wear the hair, to change the style of clothing they wear, to change their name, to ask their local school to identify them as the opposite sex, and so forth. Nothing in this bill would prevent that at all.”

Sprigg also noted that the bill would not affect adults who wish to have “these radical medical transitions or medical procedures themselves if they choose to as adults and that the bill is solely intended to protect children “who really are not capable of giving informed consent to this kind of procedure.”

If you are in Alabama, reach out to your state representative and senator now and urge them to support the Vulnerable Child Compassion and Protection Act (House Bill 303 and Senate Bill 219)!

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