Alabama Drag Queen Returns to Fight Roy Moore in Freakish Rally for Doug Jones


One of the things that makes the allegations made against Roy Moore in recent weeks doubtful is the fact that he has been vehemently hated by the left for decades and yet his accusers have only come forward now.

You may remember that before he ever entered the race for Senator, Moore made an enemy of drag queen Ambrosia Starling, a garish drag entertainer who made himself a darling of the left for his brutal campaign to get Moore ousted from his seat as Alabama Chief Justice.

Starling had it out for the Judge because, after the SCOTUS decision on gay marriage, Moore took a stand and told his probate judges not to issue same-sex marriage certificates. Along with other LGBT groups, Starling gained national attention for his campaign to get Moore removed, which ultimately succeeded.

So, go figure the drag queen is back, this time campaigning for Doug Jones and making outlandish, totally dramatic statements about what Moore’s commitment to religious freedom will mean for the country.

“When you talk about restricting religious freedom strictly to the Christian community, that means that the Jewish community is in trouble; the Muslim community’s in trouble; the Native Americans are going to have to start burying their artifacts again because they’re in trouble,” Starling said at the rally. “That means that nobody gets respected except for Christians that hate homosexuals and look down their noses at other people.”

Starling was joined by other far-left supporters for Jones, including LGBT groups, transgender activists, and a female pastor who claimed that our nation was not, despite a plethora of historical documents that indicate the contrary, founded on Christian principles. This is the kind of cultural Marxist garbage one can easily just get away with saying these days because no one bothers to crack a book anymore.

“Any person who claims that this nation’s laws are founded on Christian belief and connected with the tradition of Christianity is either so uneducated that I have to recommend an elementary school history book or is lying,” the woman said.

“Will we continue to allow a barrage of racists, classists, misogynists, heterosexists, homophobic, Islamaphobic vitriol spewed by politicians to define the course of Alabama history?” she added.

The Montgomery Adviser reported that the rally attracted a grand total of around 70 people.

This is a great example of exactly what the Judge is up against: the far-left, anti-American, pro-gender confusion agenda. 

They’ve have fought him every step of their career and they’re pulling all the stops out in the final hour. Fortunately, it looks like no matter what they do, they can’t stop Judge Roy Moore!