Alabama Couple Rejects Doctor’s Advice To Get An Abortion, Places Their Trust In God Instead

An amazing story out of Albertville, Alabama perfectly demonstrates how faith, hope, and love can help you through life’s challenges.


According to WHNT, Eric and Courtney Waldrop got married back in 2004. The couple had been together since the eighth grade, and shared the common goal of having a large family.

They welcomed their first son a few years after being married and followed that up by having twins.

They decided to try for another one, but Courtney would unfortunately lose her next pregnancy.

The Waldrops stayed the course and tried again, and they were amazed by the results.

The couple would found out that the fertility options they used had proven to be quite fruitful, as they were expecting sextuplets.

Due to a number of health concerns, the couple was encouraged to have an abortion.

In an email to The Activist Mommy, a longtime friend of the Waldrops expanded on the situation.

“The doctors said because of some health risks that might affect [Courtney] that they could safely remove a few fetuses,” the friend, Skylar, wrote.

A doctor reportedly referred the couple to another specialist, telling them the appointment was simply to go over some “options.”

When they arrived at that specialist, however, they realized it was an abortion doctor.

“I have never felt a feeling of such emptiness,” Courtney wrote in a testimony on Facebook about the ordeal. “As I sat back in the room crying and listening to the nurse and the procedure that would take place I felt the hand of God come over me.”

Courtney, along with Eric, walked out of that abortion clinic and never looked back.

“Maybe someone who thinks they can’t give [a baby] a home or stable life will rethink things when they see a middle class family giving 9 [kids] all of the love, shelter, food and clothing a group of kids could ever ask for,” Skylar shares.

“We know God’s going to provide and get us through,” Courtney told WHNT of her current situation as an expectant mother of nine kids, with all the financial and emotional challenges that might bring.

“Our faith is strong and it has been from the beginning, but it was hard to humanly let it go.”

“When we finally got far enough along to see the heartbeats, that’s when it al changed,” Eric told WHNT. “We turned it over to God and we realized he was going to get us through it.”

The couple apparently couldn’t be happier with their decision to move forward with their pregnancy, and they’re excitedly looking forward to revealing the genders of their pending bundles of joy at a Glow Run 5K fundraiser event later this month.  

Learn more about the Waldrops’ story below.

If you happen to live in Albertville and would like to support the Waldrops, check out the flyer below for details about their upcoming Gender Reveal 5K Glow Run.

Continue to keep this family in their prayers and help them to continue trusting in God, knowing that he will provide for their every need in light of the courageous decision they made to go forward with their pregnancy despite the many uncertainties.

Please also pray that this story might reach someone grappling with a similar decision.