Alabama State Rep Who Said “Kill Them Now Or Later” of Unborn Children Announces Senate Run


Without skipping a beat after his abhorrent “kill them now or later” remarks on the state’s pending abortion ban, Alabama state Rep. John Rogers announced a Senate run against fellow Democrat Doug Jones.

“I am now a candidate for United States Senate,” Rogers declared in a rambling statement on the floor of the state House this week according to Fox News. “I’ve already, I’ve got – I’m running for real. I’m not backing down. I’m a candidate. I’ve already – I asked them to give me $1 million, and already $500,000 have come in already. And so if I get $500,000 [in addition], I’ll be an official candidate. I’m telling you right now.”

This announcement comes hot on the heels of Rogers’ sickening statements in favor of abortion, saying we will either “kill them now or kill them later” in the electric chair, presuming a life of crime for “unwanted” children protected by the bill.

Rogers also argued that “some parents can’t handle a child with problems,” therefore such children should be aborted because they “could be retarded” or “might have no arms and no legs.”

Rogers, who brazenly considers himself a “personally pro-life” Catholic, attempted to clarify his inflammatory statements and explain that he was attempting to highlight the supposed inconsistency of pro-life conservatives who typically don’t support the expansion of programs like food stamps and Medicaid—as if impoverished mothers are the only ones seeking abortions.

Rogers quickly doubled down on his original disgusting statements in response to criticism from Donald Trump Jr, arguing that Trump’s mother “should have aborted him.”

“That proves I’m right to make a scene about abortion, him being born, that’s proof right there,” Rogers joked. “Him being born, that’s a very very good defense I have for abortion. His mother should have aborted him when he was born and he wouldn’t have made that stupid statement, right? He’s evidently retarded or crazy.”

Current Alabama Senator Doug Jones shared with the Washington Examiner that he was “absolutely appalled” by Rogers’ comments and “think[s] he owes an apology to the people of the state.”

In a radio interview given on Monday, Rogers offered a weak apology for using the word “retarded,” but stood by the rest of his disgusting statement. Rogers also claimed that Jones reached out to him in private to offer his support of his original statements and let him know that political expediency required him to make a public comment: “He told me, ‘Doug, John, I know you’re right but I got to come out against you.’ I said, ‘OK.’ I said, ‘Fine, if it’s going to help your campaign, do that.’”

According to Yellowhammer News, Jones responded that he was “disappointed [Rogers] made our private conversation public,” but did not deny the content of the discussion. Rogers’ Trump Jr. comments prompted a second, more agitated phone call between the two politicians in which Jones allegedly told Rogers, “shut up. [You’re] killin’ me.”

“Look, we are just going to have to agree to disagree on this. I made my position clear,” Jones said to the Examiner.  “I thought his remarks were appalling, and I told him that I strongly disagreed with him. There is already too much division in our politics, and I won’t add to it here. With that, that’s all I’m going to say on this matter.”

This feud between Jones and Rogers represents a growing rift within the pro-choice Democrat party lines between “moderate” pro-choice advocates and increasingly bloodthirsty pro-abortion advocates.

Jones declared himself to be “moderately pro-choice” during his 2017 Senate campaign, saying that he disapproved of late-term abortion “except in the case of medical necessity.” However, when the Senate voted in 2018 on a late-term abortion ban that contained the exception he claimed to support, Jones joined his fellow Democrats in voting it down. Earlier this year, though, Jones did break from Senate Democrats and vote to require medical care for newborns who survive abortions.

The Democratic party in America continues to demonstrate that it is a contest as to who can be the most radical.


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