ALERT: 9-Year-Old Drag Queen Has Been Dancing for Cash in Ohio Bars


Earlier this week, we reported on yet another child drag performer, “Miss Mae Hem,” who was inspired to start dressing in drag by the television show Ru Paul’s Drag Race.

Sadly, it turns out that this young boy has, like “Desmond is Amazing” in New York, been performing in Ohio bars for alcohol-consuming adults who throw cash at him, and that this has all been organized by his mother.

Ohio First reports:

“Miss Mae Hem”, the 9 year old male drag performer, performed in the bar with alcohol consuming adults who then cheered and handed out cash tips.  The host and promoter followed closely behind this nine year old child stuffing cash in his underwear bottoms after removing it from her own “cleavage”.  After further research, events such as this one have been promoted over a year by the child’s mother (sources say that the child’s mother is an active Ohio child protective service employee) and “Miss Onyx Ohio” entertainment agency.

“You’ll never be able to package up an explanation for allowing a little boy to dress likes a little girl and dance for cash tips after hours in a bar,” local political pundit Melissa Ackison told radio host Bob Frantz in a recent interview discussing the abuse and exploitation of this young boy.

“This is a buffet, being served to an audience of pedophiles…and I shudder to think of what these men do when they leave the bar, after wetting their appetites at this child sex show. This cannot be legal, can it? Attorneys? Is there anything in the Ohio Revised Code about children being in bars, after hours, where alcohol is served, dancing in their underwear for men? How is this NOT child endangerment!” Frantz ranted.

Ohio First confirmed that this type of child exploitation violates several federal child labor laws.

The owner of the bar that Miss Mae Hem performed at said they were unaware the event was taking place. “We were not aware in any way a nine year old was performing that night. We saw no promotional material advertising that and the promoter never told us. After our management realized what was happening, there was not enough time to react to stop the performance,” they said in a statement.

They also said they were 100% opposed to performances like this and would not have allowed it to happen had they known it was taking place. They even identified several individuals they believe are child predators.

Ohio First urges Ohioans to get in touch with the following entities to express concern:

Ohio State Attorney General – 800-282-0515
Fairfield County Sherriff – (740) 652-7900
Lancaster Police – (740) 687-6680
Lancaster Law Director – (740) 687-6616


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