Alleged Kidnapper Arrested After Woman Left Notes In Public Bathrooms Pleading for Help


Police have arrested a man accused of holding a woman in his home, beating her, sexually abusing her, and threatening to kill her children if she tried to escape.

Authorities say his alleged victim managed to lead police to the house where she was being held by leaving notes in public restrooms describing the horror she was enduring — and pleading to get a message to her family if she didn’t manage to survive.

“If I don’t make it tell my family I love them,” read one heartbreaking note, according to The Blaze.

The first scribbled cry for help was discovered in a bathroom in a Walmart at Carnegie, Pennsylvania and begged whoever found it to call 911.

It claimed the woman was being held against her will by one Corey Brewer, who has since been arrested by police and charged with sexual assault, strangulation, and unlawful restraint.

The note included the address where Brewer allegedly kept the woman and a description of his vehicle.

When police visited, no one came to the door, but officers could hear furniture moving inside.

They tried to contact Brewer by phone, but he said they were on vacation in New York and he couldn’t take the woman off speakerphone so they could talk to her without him hearing.

A second note was discovered in a bathroom at a museum at the home of Frank Loyd Wright in western Pennsylvania which said the woman had heard police at Brewer’s home and begged them to try to help her again.

Video surveillance showed Brewer there with his alleged victim, according to police.

The following day, police executed a search warrant on Brewer’s home and took him into custody as his alleged victim was taken to the hospital so her injuries could be treated.

It is particularly disturbing to think that this man has been accused of having his victim so fully under his control with his violence and threats that he was taking her out in public with him.

She must have feared so sincerely for any situation other than the police taking him into custody, so that she and her children would be safe.

Pray that God would be with those conducting the investigation into this horrific case and that where justice is needed, it will be firmly dealt by our earthly magistrates, and where the victim is suffering, that He would minister to her heart and know she is loved and safe in His arms.

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