Alleged Transgender Colorado School Shooter Reportedly Targeted Those Who Had Mocked Her “Gender Identity”


You may not even recall the shooting that took place at a Colorado High School back in May. 

Why is this? Surely school shootings are a favorite of the left-stream media, right? 

Well, not in this case. The truth is, one of the accused shooters, Maya Elizabeth McKinney, just so happens to be a  transgender individual who identifies as a male. Naturally, the progressive media ran quickly away from this story since it was nearly impossible to spin it so the LGBT student was the victim, and so, it disappeared in half a news cycle.

Now, new developments will have the MSM even less likely to remind us of this awful attempted mass shooting. 

McKinney, 16, told police she was targeting students who made fun of her “gender identity,” according to CBS News. The gender-confused teen started identifying as male and going by “Alec” shortly before she decided to open fire on her classmates out of sheer rage. 

Essentially, there were students who did not believe in a “gender spectrum” and did believe that there are only two genders. Because, you know, that’s what’s biologically accurate. Instead of accepting that not everyone is going to accept “her truth,” however, McKinney chose to take matters into her own hands and make them pay.

It is also worth bringing up that McKinney’s cohort, Devon Erickson, 18, openly said that he hates Christians “who hate gays.” The mainstream media essentially protected these two individuals from public scrutiny for very obvious reasons. This is frankly, nearly as chilling as the fact that these students were prompted to attempt a mass shooting out of hatred for Christians and those who believe in the biological reality of gender. 

Another intriguing piece of the puzzle that the liberal media is ignoring is the fact that McKinney is the daughter of a twice-deported illegal alien felon. That really doesn’t bode well for the immigrant-sympathizing left who would sell out every single American citizen for the sake of open borders.  

The court also helped in protecting these two murderers by wasting no time in sealing their records as soon as they first appeared in court. When has that luxury ever been afforded to a mass murderer who survived the shooting? Here was an opportunity for the media to have an absolute field day on their anti-gun stance with both shooters surviving and a trial to come, yet records are sealed and the media is silent.

If this doesn’t prove just how dedicated the mainstream media is in pushing the LGBT agenda, nothing will.

A report from CBS News says:

A high school student charged in a classmate’s death during a Colorado school shooting told police that he planned the attack for weeks and intended to target classmates who repeatedly mocked his gender identity. Written summaries of police interviews with the two suspected shooters portray 16-year-old Alec McKinney as the leader of the attack, enlisting 18-year-old Devon Erickson in the plan to kill the students who bullied McKinney, who identifies as male.

Both teenagers told police that they broke into a gun safe at one of the teenager’s homes before walking into the STEM School Highlands Ranch on the afternoon of May 7 with a guitar case and a backpack concealing four guns.

McKinney “said he wanted the kids at the school to experience bad things, have to suffer from trauma like he had had to in his life,” the document said. “He wanted everyone in that school to suffer and realize that the world is a bad place.”

 Let this stand as yet another reminder that we are flying dangerously close to the sun by affirming the “gender identity” of these clearly very confused, at-risk young men and women who need accountability, guidance, and support.

Instead, society is telling them they can be the opposite gender if they want and everyone who doesn’t accept them is a subhuman bigot. How can we honestly say that this young woman wasn’t influenced by a culture that aggressively demonizes anyone who disagrees with so-called gender theory? 

Gender dysphoria is a legitimate mental illness that is not limited to the desire to identify as the opposite sex at all, as former transgender Walt Heyer has been telling us for years now. 

This is a mental illness epidemic that needs to be addressed, and shoving this shooting under the rug is the most abhorrently irresponsible thing the mainstream media could possibly do. 


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