Alyssa Milano’s Proposed “Sex Strike” to Protest Georgia Heartbeat Bill Has Backfired


Every once in a while, even the most rabid members of the pro-abortion crowd become so unaware of reality that they unintentionally say something that makes perfect sense.

However inadvertently, far-left Twitter keyboard warrior Alyssa Milano cooked up a brilliant response to Georgia’s freshly-signed heartbeat bill: abstinence.

Of course, that’s not quite how Milano phrased her idea. Arguing that women’s “reproductive rights are being erased,” the once-popular actress called for a “sex strike” in response to the new law which goes into effect next year.

According to Milano, women “just cannot risk pregnancy” if the option to kill their children is unavailable, so they should refrain from sex.

Yes. She is actually advocating for abstinence to avoid getting an abortion.

Although the irony seems to be lost on Alyssa and her ilk, the fine folks of Twitter were there to help her find her way:

Amen, Mr. Starbuck. Anyone participating in this “sex strike” has our full support.

If only her effectively pro-life suggestion was intentional.

What a concept, indeed.

If Milano’s idea came from a conservative pro-lifer, it would be considered oppressive, anti-woman speech, but she honestly thinks she’s making a stand against the “patriarchy”. Poor thing.

It’s hard to ignore the truly immoral bottom line of Alyssa’s accidentally-brilliant suggestion.

She truly thinks that it is so inherently important that women be able to legally kill their babies. She thinks that abortion is actually a superior option to avoid pregnancy than abstinence is.

Let that sink in.

In truth, let’s pray for Alyssa. There is a genuine revival in this country happening right now, one in which many are waking up to the true evils of abortion.

This is why we fight. This is why we won’t stay silent. The Lord has used a donkey to speak His truth, He can absolutely use a godless, pro-abort actress like Alyssa Milano to plant His seeds in the heart of His people.

Let’s pray that her accidental advocacy for abstinence wakes many people up to the validity of God’s plan for sex as well as the moral depravity of abortion.

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