Amazon Driver Arrested for Sporting Blonde Wig to Film Young Girls in Bathroom


An Amazon driver has been arrested after police say he wore a blonde wig to go into a women’s restroom to film unsuspecting victims using a camera attached to his shoe.

On Tuesday, the Wrentham Police Department in Wrentham, Massachusetts announced that 23-year-old Jacob Guerrero of Woonsocket, Rhode Island had been arrested on allegations that he violated Massachusetts “upskirt” law which bans photography of an “unsuspecting nude person,” The Christian Post reports.

Guerrero was also allegedly in possession of child pornography which indicated he has been filming underage girls in bathrooms without their knowledge for some time.


Posted by Wrentham Police Department on Tuesday, October 19, 2021

A photograph from a witness showed Guerrero in a mask and blonde wig.

The suspect was arrested on Monday over an incident which occurred on August 24.

The initial incident and subsequent investigation began August 24, 2021 when Wrentham Police received a call from customers at the Wrentham Outlets reporting a person who appeared to be a man acting suspiciously in the public Ladies bathroom,” explained a statement from Wrentham Police Chief Bill McGrath.

“During the August 24th incident, the suspect, wearing a blonde wig, reportedly entered the Ladies room and occupied stalls next to adjoining stalls that women and younger girls, estimated to be 12-15 years old, were using,” he continued.

“The initial investigation revealed the suspect appeared to have a pen camera fastened to his sneaker. Pen cameras are easily concealed surveillance cameras that have the ability to record video and photos on Micro SD cards contained within the pen.”

Guerrero was arrested on September 2 after police managed to track him down using surveillance footage.

He was initially released on bail, yet after police continued their investigation a second warrant was issued after officers reportedly discovered evidence of child pornography possession.

“The evidence obtained from the search warrant includes twelve videos where the unsuspecting victims were either nude or partially nude. Five of the twelve victims were under the age of 18,” police said.

“Of the victims under 18 years old, several are estimated to be between 8 and 11 years old. In at [least] one case, the evidence suggests the suspect secretly recorded a young girl through her bedroom window as she undressed.”

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