Amazon Employees Stage “Die-In” to Protest Sale of Books Questioning Transgender Ideology


A group of Amazon employees staged a “die-in” during a “pride” flag-raising ceremony last week to protest the company’s sale of books that question transgender ideology.

About 30 employees covered themselves in the pink, white, and blue trans flag, lay on the ground, and reportedly refused to leave.

The books they took issue with include The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh’s “Johnny the Walrus” and “What Is A Woman” as well as journalist Abigail Shrier’s “Irreversible Damage.”

The Daily Wire reported that the activists were part of the group No Hate at Amazon and shared their reasons for the die-in in an open letter and speech issued as the “pride” flag was being raised, stating that they objected to the retail giant “spreading a culture of hatred through the sale of transphobic books, promoting and profiting off content that advocates for the abuse of transgender children.”

The group also criticized the raising of the “pride” flag, calling it “blatant rainbow-washing” as their employer continued to sell “content that aids and encourages the psychological abuse of transgender children.”

“There is a direct line between the hateful transphobic rhetoric Amazon is profiting from, the unprecedented anti-trans legislation across the United States, and the violent and often deadly physical attacks so many of our community face,” the statement read. “2021 saw the most murders of transgender people in recorded history. Overwhelmingly, these victims are Black trans women and trans women of color.”

Walsh’s “Johnny the Walrus” is a children’s book which has enjoyed enormous retail success on the platform which was only amplified after a video leaked showing Amazon employees complaining about its high sales.

“Walsh used the publicity from this attack to get his book to number one on Amazon. Let me repeat that. The number one book across all of Amazon. Top of our charts,” No Hate at Amazon’s statement accused.

“In Walsh’s own words, this effectively made him the bestselling author in the country. Amazon rewarded him for this harassment with enormous sales. Money he will use to keep spreading hate. This is f***king embarrassing. Everyone who let this happen should be embarrassed and ashamed,” it continued.

The statement also complained of Walsh’s documentary “What Is A Woman,” criticizing Amazon for taking preorder sales of the upcoming book companion’s release.

“Matt Walsh is not some random transphobe on the internet. This man is a serial abuser who has openly attacked our coworkers and our customers, and it will happen again if Amazon does not act,” it read.

The Daily Wire notes that, in the past, Amazon stopped sales of a book called “When Harry Became Sally” because it described LGBT identities as a mental illness.

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