AMC’s ‘Preacher’ Portrays Graphic Jesus Sex Scene And Inbred Messiah


AMC’s “Preacher,” based on the Garth Ennis comic book that portrays God as an awful person, and later portrays God being shot dead by the “Saint of Killers,” has unveiled their most preposterous attack on Christianity yet.

In their latest episode, “Preacher” portrayed Jesus in a graphic sex scene, some of the details of which you can read here.  The episode also gave Jesus dialogue like, “Chill, bro,” and “It’s been real.”

The show later depicts the descendant of Jesus and the show’s supposed Messiah as mentally handicapped thanks to inbreeding.

Of course, one could scarcely imagine AMC ever making a show featuring Muhammed in graphic sex scenes. All the sectarian glory for AMC comes from being “edgy” with fiction about Jesus and Christianity. They wouldn’t dare give Islam the same treatment, either out of reverence for the religion of political correctness or fear of radicals blowing up their offices.

Here is a list of AMC’s executive officers. You can contact them by clicking this link, and email them by clicking the button as highlighted in the image below.


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