Video: Pro-Lifer Perfectly Sums Up The Hypocrisy Of Feminists Celebrating Oregon’s New Pro-Abortion Law

During an interview with Tucker Carlson, Live Action President Lila Rose shared her thoughts on a number of abortion issues making headlines lately, including Oregon’s new extreme measure increasing the burden of abortion on taxpayers.


“Tell us what this bill says,” Carlson requested after introducing the segment.

“Tucker, this is the most extreme state law on abortion that our country has seen yet,” Rose begins. “Basically, a completely Democratic-held government in Oregon has said that abortions through all nine months, even sex-selection abortions, no limit whatsoever, are now gonna be paid for by taxpayers and insurance companies are going to be forced to fund it.”

“So this could cost over 3,000 extra lives killed, children killed every year in Oregon because of this extreme pro-abortion agenda held by the government in Oregon.”

“So because I’m a simple man let me ask you this question,” Carlson continued.

“Sex selection abortions almost always reduce the number of daughters born, they’re performed in order to get a son. Always. How can feminists be for that? How can a feminist who is sworn to defend women support a sex-selective abortion?

“It’s the height of hypocrisy,” Rose responded.

“It just shows how out of touch the so-called champions of many women are in this country. In reality, you have 100 million missing girls worldwide because of sex-selection abortion. It’s just a search-and-destroy mission against girls in the womb and Oregon is now funding it, forcing taxpayers and insurance companies to fund it, saying – for whatever reason – you can have an abortion through all nine months, Tucker.”

“This is because our country has lost sight of what science and reason tells us, which is that a human life in the womb has human rights just like you or I do.”

See Lila Rose’s full interview with Tucker Carlson below.

What many social justice warriors celebrating Oregon’s new abortion law fail to understand is that it promotes, in the United States, a practice that has proven extremely problematic in other parts of the world, such as Asia.

In China, reports, sex-selection abortion has actually prompted a crisis, with men now vastly outnumbering women.

In other words, this practice that feminists in the U.S. are currently celebrating as a big leap forward for “reproductive rights,” whatever that means, contributes heavily to inequality around the world.

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