America is Unknowingly Accepting Pedophilia in the Name of Tolerance


Twitter just announced last week that they “have zero tolerance for child sexual exploitation.” Yet, they’ve allowed a video that blatantly normalizes pedophilia to remain posted on their network. How could this be? Young boys dressed in drag and then strutting their stuff in front of a room full of adults is basically the definition of “child sexual exploitation.”

The video is made to appeal to our emotions. These kids are just “being who they truly are” and that is something we should celebrate.

The left would have us believe these children are heroes, but the reality is they are victims. Sheep in a room full of wolves.

In places like Afghanistan, this is an age-old tradition. Young boys, dressing in women’s attire and dancing for men. Nothing new under the sun. You’d think Americans would be appalled by this same practice emerging right here, especially when you consider the boys in places like Afghanistan typically get sexually assaulted by the men who have been watching them dance. It’s only a matter of time before that aspect becomes normal here too.

We’re just supposed to accept that it’s all just good, innocent fun. Boys being who they really are, living “their truths.” The truth is there is a sick, twisted agenda moving right along and Americans are allowing it to continue in the name of “inclusivity.”

As the Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh articulately explains:

Follow the trajectory and it is not hard to see where we go next. Ten years ago, there was no such thing as “drag kids” or drag queen story hours. Leftists would have called you a paranoid lunatic had you predicted that such things would come to pass. Now both are utterly commonplace, yet leftists will insist that even though grown men in dresses like to hang out with little children at libraries, and adults like to go to gay bars to watch boys dance around in skirts and high heels, there is nothing sexual about any of it. Ten years from now, or maybe sooner, they will admit that it is sexual but insist that there is nothing wrong with a young boy and a grown man getting together, so long as it is consensual. You do not need to be Nostradamus to see this next step. It is right in front of us, clear as day.

We are sliding quickly down the slippery slope of sexual immorality. We have to stop casually allowing wickedness to continue out of fear of being labeled “intolerant.” Children attending drag queen story time events and young boys dressing in drag serve no purpose other than to groom them into thinking sexual behavior is good and that adults only want to “love” them.

It is time to stand up to this demented ideology and protect our children.


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