Teen American Idol Contestant Advanced To Next Round After Singing “My Body, My Choice”


A teenage singer has been selected to advance closer to victory on the iconic reality show “American Idol” after singing an anthem to abortion.

According to ABC3 this week, Sofia Schuster, a sophomore at San Marcos High School in Santa Barbara, California, recently performed the self-written song, titled “My Body, My Choice” in front of the show’s panel of celebrity judges.


“My body my choice/ It’s not up to the boys/ Nobody should have to go against what’s in their heart/ And no one has the right to tear their dignity apart,” state the lyrics, in part.

On her website, Schuster explains that she “was born with paralyzed vocal chords[sic]” and not expected to live long, let alone sing.

“Through a combination of strong will and quality medical care, she persevered and found her voice,” her bio adds. “At the age of 3 Sofia became captivated by music and that set her on a trajectory which profoundly impacted the rest of her life.”

How heartbreaking that she uses this God-given talent to glorify the termination of human life.

“She is now using this talent that she fought so hard for to sing about the topics she is most passionate about,” ABC3 notes.

“Sofia had previously performed her original women’s rights song ‘My Body My Choice’ at a Planned Parenthood benefit, and decided to perform it again for American Idols’[sic] celebrity judges as a way to boldly share what’s in her heart rather than take the safe route with a popular cover song,” Schuster’s bio continues. “It was a risky move but the right one as she passed the audition in Hollywood.”

The Lord will not withhold his hand for very long against the nation that celebrates the murder of its children. Pray for the calloused souls that admire this type of pro-abortion tribute, and cry out for His mercy!

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