Ames, Iowa Public Library Hosts ‘All Age’ Drag Queen Performance – Children Give Out Cash Tips


As we continuously cover on this site, it’s now in vogue to have drag queens involved with children’s activities at public libraries across the country. While most libraries keep this debauchery limited to reading books to children, others have gone further and done make-up tutorials and LGBT arts and crafts.

A public library in Ames, Iowa, however, is really raising the bar.

They have been hosting “all age” drag queen performance hours.

And if that’s not bad enough, children are encouraged to give the drag queens dollar bills during their performances. Much like an adult nightclub or strip club, these children are giving cash tips to drag queen performers, some of which are minors themselves. This is absolutely appalling.

We are just supposed to believe this is all innocent fun, of course. But it is far from innocent.

Grooming, according to Think U Know, “is a process used by people with a sexual interest in children to prepare a child for sexual abuse. It is often very carefully planned and it can take place over weeks, months or even years.

These drag queen events at public libraries are nothing more than mass child grooming. It is so clear, yet parents are just handing their children over to these wolves without thinking twice. This is all in the name of “acceptance” and “tolerance,” of course.

Life Site News reports:

According to the Facebook page for the event, “Drag is for everyone.” It said, “Grab your best friend, your preschooler or grandmother, your dad or your neighbor and your neighbor’s kids, roommates, bandmates or that cool kid that sits next to you in math class and check out the free all age-friendly performances by professional and amateur drag performers.”

Notice how this call to attend mentions children numerous times? Even though the event is for “everyone,” children are the target audience. The article concludes with this information:

The library gained nationwide notoriety last year for hosting a summer camp to teach kids K–12 the art of cross-dressing and drag performances. The camp was supported by local LGBTQ activists, who said it was intended to make transgender children feel safe and to prevent suicide. The Ames Pride and Renegade Arts Collective provided content for the camp.

It sure seems as though the folks of Ames Pride and Renegade Arts Collective are enthusiastic about getting as many minors to participate in these cross-dressing events as possible. Parents are just handing their children over to grown men, who they don’t know, to be trained and groomed in the ways of the drag queen. To what end?

There is absolutely no reason for these events to be allowed to continue at public venues. Public libraries are funded by tax-payers. If you live in Ames, Iowa and you pay taxes, you are supporting this sexual perversion whether you want to or not. It is child grooming and abuse in the name of fun and acceptance and the blatant indoctrination of children by the LGBT. This must be stopped!

If you’ve had enough, please sign our petition to STOP DRAG QUEEN STORY HOURS.

When you do, please share with friends and family and have them sign it too!

Parents across the United States are outraged that these story hours are taking place in children’s libraries… against the wishes of parents in the community! The American Library Association touts “tolerance,” but they are really telling parents that libraries are no place for Christians, or any parents who don’t want their children indoctrinated by the gender agenda.

Let’s put an end to it!


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