Progressive Group Promotes Abortion With Video Titled “25 Annoying Things About Being Pregnant”

Progressive so-called “human rights” organization Amnesty International’s Ireland chapter has released a video titled “25 Annoying Things About Being Pregnant” aimed at criticizing an amendment in Ireland’s constitution that acknowledges “the right to life of the unborn.”


Essentially, Amnesty International Ireland wants to take away babies’ rights to not be chopped into pieces at their mothers’ whim.

The organization’s video begins with women chuckling about traditional pregnancy woes like “strangers coming up to touch your bump” and “not being able to paint your toenails.”

Around the 40 second mark, however, things take a dark turn with the women in the video providing what are supposed to be legitimate annoyances about being pregnant that could be remedied by abortions.

“When you lose your free will,” one woman says in the clip, apparently in reference to Ireland’s strict no-abortion policy that – horror of horrors – prevents women from having their babies hacked up.

“When you’re not ready to be a mother,” says another woman, apparently unaware of the fact that those unready to become parents can just partake in this really cool, free thing called abstinence.

“When your doctor is powerless to do what is best for you,” another woman mourns in the video.

See the full clip below.

Amnesty International’s video provides just a small glimpse at the Repeal Eight movement that has progressives in Ireland in a frenzy.

“The presence of the Eighth Amendment  in the Irish Constitution is a source of discrimination against all women living in Ireland,” reads.

“It creates a discriminatory health system where a pregnant woman only has a qualified right to health care. International human rights organizations have repeatedly taken the state to task for its draconian abortion regime, observing that it violates women’s right to bodily integrity and self-determination.”

“Draconian?” Really? If these progressives want to see “draconian” they should take a look at China, whose one-child policy led to women being literally dragged out of their homes to partake in forced abortions.

But no, apparently being forced to bring a bundle of joy into the world because “you’re not ready to be a mother” is the true draconian behavior.

Amnesty International Ireland