An Oregon Couple Is Fighting For Their Children After CPS Took Them Because Of Low IQ Scores


Glenn Beck interviewed a woman named Amy Fabbrini whose children have been taken from her and her partner, Eric Ziegler, because of their low IQ scores.

Child protection services in the state of Oregon brought her two sons into the system despite no signs of abuse or neglect at all whatsoever, according to Glenn Beck’s site.

The radio interview is absolutely heartbreaking.

Here’s the audio:

Amy explains in the interview that the initial complaint was a result of conflict with a former friend who used to live with the family.

The friend had criticized her partner’s treatment of the children and claims that he wasn’t feeding the family dog.

Amy’s second son was born in February of 2017 and CPS immediately took him from the hospital before Amy and her husband even had the chance to take him home.

The story is that prior to the birth of Amy’s first son, she did not know that she was pregnant because of genetic health issues that give her chronic abdominal pain and an irregular period.

Amy did, however, know she was pregnant with her second child. She kept the pregnancy a secret, nevertheless, out of fear the state would remove her second son from her home.

Beck became audibly emotional during his interview with Amy. He goes on to explain that it “hits close to home.”

“I have a daughter with cerebral palsy who is wonderful… and would make the best mother ever.”

If you’d like to help the Ziegler family, you can donate to their cause here.

You can also sign the petition to return their children or donate to their GoFundMe here.

Here’s another short clip from Glenn Beck’s show: