Analyst Exposes Failures By Twitter’s Previous Management to Confront Child P*rn

Photo by Yuri Samoilov Some Rights Reserved

As the new owner and CEO of Twitter, Elon Musk has been clear about his intentions of exposing the world to how its previous management ran the mega platform, particularly as relates to censorship and suppression of certain views.

However, Musk has also vowed to root out the unsettling prevalence of child sexual abuse (CSA) material on the platform, over which Twitter has been accused of failing egregiously to act in the past.

In one shocking example, a lawsuit claims that the tech platform neglected to remove a video depicting the abuse of a child, something which Twitter employees repeatedly said did not violate its terms of service.

Red State notes that it was not until the lawsuit was filed that the video, showing the unnamed victim, was finally removed, but not before it was disseminated across an unknown number of devices, revictimizing the subject countless times.

Now, independent analyst Andrew Stroppa, who has been working with Twitter’s team to root out the CSA content problem on the platform, says that the company is making it “easier and faster to report CSAM with clear reporting options,” and “working to detect users that try to bypass account suspension.”

Unfortunately, he says, “The more we work on child sexual abuse material on Twitter, the more we find the H*LL left by the old Twitter management.”

“We found several accounts that shared CSAM, including videos of children and teens involved in sexual activities. >95% of these accounts were created before Elon Musk bought Twitter. Some of these accounts have been active for years (even since 2017),” he explained in a recent tweet thread.

“I found that old Twitter, in many cases related to child sexual abuse material published on the platform by malicious users, instead of suspending the whole account, just removed the tweet. Now Twitter, under Elon Musk’s leadership, directly suspends the accounts,” he wrote.

Musk has vowed that combating the spread of CSAM on the platform has taken top priority for him and his team.

“Two days ago, he authorized additional measures to fight child abuse on the platform. Old management had other priorities, but for the new Twitter, children’s safety is #1,” Stroppa also noted.

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