Andrew Cuomo Says He Won’t Sign State Budget Unless Abortions Up to Birth Legalized


I can’t figure out if it’s the hypocrisy or the pure evil that stuns me more.

Liberal Democrat New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is vowing to not sign the state budget unless abortion up until birth is legalized.

Yes, this comes at the same time that Trump is refusing to sign any federal budget unless funds for a border wall are guaranteed.

Life News reports:

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo vowed to protect and expand abortion access for women in the state, promising Monday to nix a state budget that doesn’t include looser abortion laws.

Cuomo, a Democrat, promised to add abortion protections to the state constitution and vowed to reject a budget that doesn’t include expanded abortion access while speaking at Barnard College in New York City. Members of the state legislature and abortion advocates attended the event, CBS News reported.

“We have led the way on women’s rights like no other state, period,” Cuomo said, according to CBS.

Abortion is legal up until 24 weeks in pregnancy in the state. Cuomo seeks to pass the Reproductive Health Act, which will provide exceptions for circumstances where a woman’s health is at risk or where a baby will be born with a fatal fetal abnormality. The legislation also seeks to allow nurse practitioners, physicians’ assistants and qualified health care professionals to provide abortions.

The governor is also looking to pass a bill requiring insurance companies to provide free contraceptive care, The New York Times reported Monday.

Cuomo vowed Monday not to sign the state’s budget plan in April unless both bills are included. He also demanded that the bills’ provisions be codified into the state constitution, according to TheNYT.

The federal government has been in a partial shut down since December 21st as Democrats refuse to agree to anything that includes a border wall.

Let that sink in.

The Democrats are fully committed not only to making sure that border agents, who have repeatedly stated that more barriers at the Southern border would form a crucial component of a safer and more secure border (with a little help from Jim Acosta, too), don’t have any help keeping American safer…and also that Americans can kill their babies right up until birth.

How insane can they be?! Can you even comprehend the pure evil?

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