Anglican Minister Tells Christians to Pray Prince George is Gay


Over the last few decades, Christianity has been endlessly pummeled by liberals pushing the homosexual agenda, looking to politicize sexuality beyond the “sexual revolution” of the 60s and increase the size of the Democratic Party.

It’s all about dismantling the traditional family and removing its authority. Why? It’s much easier to take future generations and transform them into slaves of the state when they view said state as their parent, as their family. Hard to do that with mom and dad being looked at as the ones in charge.

Anyway, as the assault by the LGBTQ — the acronym has grown out of control as the insanity of the left has increased — continues on the church, many ministers have given into the pressure and compromised the true faith of Jesus Christ.

Like this Anglican minister who has been telling believers they ought to pray that Prince George turns out to be gay. Apparently acting according to God’s natural design is just not the “in” thing to do.

Rev. Kelvin Holdsworth, a senior member of the Episcopal clergy in Scotland, took to his blog to encourage his readers to “vote” for Prince George to be gay, stating he hopes the Duchess of Cambridge and husband Prince William are “blessed one day with the love of a fine young gentleman.”

Truth Revolt is reporting:

The Scottish Episcopal Church has voted to allow gay marriage while the Anglican churches in England and Wales have not, so Holdsworth thinks this will be a way to get what he thinks is right, writing:

A royal wedding might sort things out remarkably easily though we might have to wait 25 years for that to happen. Who knows whether that might be sooner than things might work out by other means?

His Bishop, the Right Reverend Doctor Gregor Duncan, Bishop of Glasgow and Galloway said that these were Holdsworth’s personal views: “They do not represent an official view of the Scottish Episcopal Church nor are they ones with which I would concur. I will be discussing this matter with Provost Holdsworth.”

Former chaplain to the Queen, Gaven Ashenden, spoke with the BBC about Holdsworth’s statement about the prince, saying,”It doesn’t have the prince’s best interests at heart, but uses him as a gender-political football to please 1.7% of the population.”

“What is especially odd and incongruous is the fact that it is suddenly OK to pray for someone to be gay, but totally unacceptable to pray for them to be free from being gay and to resume a sexuality that was in tune with their biology.”

When God created humanity in the opening chapters of Genesis, His good, perfect design, the design He himself made and approved of, the same one that is affirmed by nature, is that one man leaves his mother and father and takes a woman to be his wife, for as long as they both shall live.

If the all-knowing, all-wise, all-powerful Creator of the universe designs something a specific way, it’s a pretty safe bet that when you get away from that design, bad things are going to happen, and they certainly do, especially in this case.

The traditional family unit is the backbone of society, so when you undermine that design, things begin to crumble rather quickly, sliding down a slippery slope of immorality. Things like polygamy or pedophilia, that were once labeled as sinful, criminal, and unacceptable are suddenly up for debate and eventually normalized.

This only amplifies when the church abandons her first love, compromises the faith by disobeying God’s Word, and begins to accept what He identifies as sin as “normal” behavior. Look at how far the UK has fallen and decayed, morally speaking? That’s headed our direction — actually it’s already here in small doses — if churches do not grow a backbone and stand on the revealed will of God in Scripture.