Annual U.S. Commission Report on Global Religious Persecution Points to China As Major Offender


Last week, the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) released a devastating report detailing the degree to which the faithful are being persecuted across the globe.

Christian, Muslim, and Falun Gong persecution under the Chinese communist authoritarian regime has received increased scrutiny in recent years as chilling accounts of grim detention camps, torture, and organ harvesting leak out into media in the west.

The USCIRF’s 2021 report gives a grim look at the state of religious freedom under such regimes around the globe including, as detailed by CBN News:

  •     50,000 Christians held in North Korean prison camps

  •     Some 3,000 Yazidi girls and women missing in Iraq

  •     130,000 Muslims in internment camps in Burma

  •     As many as 3 million Uighur Muslims in Chinese concentration camps

“For a very small budget, every year the United States government drops this bomb in the human rights community that reverberates on every corner of the globe,” USCIRF commissioner Johnnie Moore, who is one out of nine on the panel, told CBN News.

“In our first report we raised concern 22 years ago about what the Chinese Communist Party was already then doing to the Uighur community,” he noted.

The commission recently attracted the ire of the Chinese Communist Party for condemning their treatment of the Uighur minority. The CCP sanctioned its chair and vice-chair, Gayle Manchin and Tony Perkins in retaliation.

“They’re even promoting and marketing the Uighur organs to Muslim majority countries,” another commissioner, Nury Turkel, himself a Uighur Muslim and first-hand survivor of Chinese persecution.

Interestingly, many Uighur Muslims, who are native to the now-Chinese controlled region of Xingang, flee to the nation of Turkey to escape the horrific persecution their population is subject to, yet Turkey itself was noted as a second-tier offender of religious persecution by the commission’s report.

The U.S. State Department under President Donald Trump declared the Uighur persecution to be genocide by the standards of the U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights, of which China is a signatory.

This stance was affirmed by Secretary of State under now-President Joe Biden, Anthony Blinken, earlier this year.

The Chinese Communist Party enjoys considerable influence over Muslim-majority nations and many Uighurs have criticized the lack of outcry amid the broader Islamic community due to this factor.

At home, the CCP keeps religious groups that refuse to submit to party regulations for faith practices under a close eye and, by most accounts, horrifically abusive control.

“They find two religions: Islam and Christianity particularly problematic for the survival and existence of the communist party,” Turkel also noted.

Indeed, Chinese Christians are subject to much of the same horrific abuse as the ethnic Uighurs. We have reported on several incidents over the past year of house churches and homeschools being raided by CCP authorities and even anonymous accounts of chilling mobile torture units used to try to pressure Christians, Catholics, Falun Gong, and other dissidents into agreeing with statements prepared for them by officials.

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