Another Family Kicked Off Flight After Two-Year-Old Wouldn’t Keep a Mask On


A Colorado family was forcibly removed from a United Airlines flight after they were unable to get their two-year-old to keep a mask on.

“Today we got kicked off of a United flight going from Denver to Newark because our 2yo would not ‘comply’ and keep her mask on,” wrote Eliz Orban in a tweet earlier this week.

As if that weren’t enough, Orban contends that the airline also banned the family for life, and their luggage and their child’s travel car seat were kept on the plane as it departed. Since then, United has claimed that it did not ban the family from its flights for life.

The upsetting video shows the interaction between Orban’s husband and a flight attendant, whom Orban said didn’t come to talk to them or warn them at all before simply ordering them off the plane.

“This is compliance: I’m literally holding my daughter’s face. This is compliance right here,” the husband tells the flight attendant.


“We are premier members with United, so we’ve flown many times, even during the pandemic we’ve flown with our 2-year-old,” Orban told Fox News on Sunday.

“We’ve just flown two months ago because all of our family lives on the East Coast, so this is the only way for them to see their granddaughter,” she continued. “And this time was just extremely different.”

Orban went on, stating that “the staff was rude” from “the get-go.”

“We felt like we got no warning, no working with us, no asking questions, nothing to help in the situation,” she said. “It was just like, ‘Oh, well your 2-year-old is not complying, you guys are off the plane.’”

United Airlines released a statement about the incident, saying it was investigating what had happened but doubling down on its mask policy:

The health and safety of our employees and customers is our highest priority, which is why we have a multi-layered set of policies, including mandating that everyone onboard two and older wears a mask, These procedures are not only backed by guidance from the CDC and our partners at the Cleveland Clinic, but they’re also consistent across every major airline.

We are investigating this specific incident and have made contact with the family. We also refunded their tickets, returned their car seat and are in the process of returning their bags.

“In what universe does this make any sense?? A two-year-old child? WATCH this video,” said U.S. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), sharing the video on Twitter. “This isn’t keeping anyone safe. It’s just arbitrary & nonsensical. And infuriating.”

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