Anti-Lockdown Protests Break Out in Europe, Police Open Fire on Violent Crowd in the Netherlands


Over the weekend, anti-lockdown and vaccine mandate protests broke out in Europe as nations imposed heavy new restrictions, including Austria’s introduction of legislation for a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for eligible citizens, the first of its kind in a western nation.

Violence erupted in the Netherlands on Saturday, resulting in police firing water cannons and even live ammunition into the crowd.

Three people were hospitalized after being injured amid the shooting, according to The Guardian.

The incident was referred to by the Mayor of Rotterdam, Ahmed Aboutaleb, as an “orgy of violence” during which “police felt it necessary to draw their weapons to defend themselves.”

The violent crowd lit fires, rampaged through shopping areas, and threw rocks and fireworks at police.

The government of the Netherlands has said it wants to pass a law allowing businesses to restrict the COVID-19 pass system to exclude those who are not fully vaccinated or have not contracted and recovered from the virus.

Riots broke out after largely peaceful protests that took place during the day.

The riots were the worst in the Netherlands since the pandemic broke out.

Meanwhile, The Blaze notes, protests also broke out in Austria after the government imposed another full-lockdown as well as the vaccine mandate legislation.

Meanwhile, substantial crowds also gathered in Italy, Croatia, and Denmark to protest their respective governments’ lockdowns, COVID-19 passports, and mandates.

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