The Anti-Prayer Atheists Groups Are At It Again…


Why are atheists so obsessed with trying to eliminate any hint of faith from every single public institution in the country? Don’t they have anything better to do?

Apparently, they don’t, because the “religious freedom” groups are at it again, targeting yet another prayer over the PA system of high school football game.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation, (which is quite ironically titled because they reside in the US and hence have more freedom from religion than anyone else on earth, just sayin’) has targeted a high school in Trussville, Alabama, for saying a brief prayer over the PA system before the start of football games.

Just last month, the FFRF targeted another high school in Alabama, in Lee County, for a student-led prayer spoken over the loudspeaker.

Apparently, a spectator at recent Trussville High School football game was so triggered by the recitation of this simple prayer: “Father, today we play as two separate teams, but we live as one body of Christ, as your hands and feet. And through it all we play…ultimately to further your kingdom…In Jesus’ mighty name we all pray, Amen.”

On behalf of the triggered spectator, the FFRF has issued a complaint to Trussville City Schools.

In the complaint, the FFRF says that the prayer was “inappropriate” and “unconstitutional,” and they expect the district to take “immediate action to end the practice of broadcasting prayer over the loudspeaker of football games.”

“It is illegal for a public school to sponsor religious messages at school athletic events. The Supreme Court has continually struck down school-sponsored prayer in public schools,” the letter says.

It’s hard to imagine another “random” spectator overheard this prayer and was just so offended, they just happened to contact the very same organization that sent the letter to the high school in Lee County as well. It’s almost as if the FFRF is on the prowl for any hint of Christian faith that they can obliterate.

One has to wonder, why aren’t they worried about Islamic prayers being recited or Yoga classes in public schools?