Anti-Trafficking Advocates Cheer As Major Pornographic Website Announces It Is Shutting Down

The pornographic website XTube is set to close its digital doors in September, something which is being hailed by anti-trafficking advocates.

This comes as parent company XTube shares with the massive pornography platform, Pornhub, faces increasing scrutiny for allegedly profiting from, by some accounts knowingly, illegal content.

Fox Business reported that it is not entirely clear why the website is set to shut down, but in a statement, parent company Mind Geek said it expects users will be adequately “served” on its other platforms.

“Like any tech company, we are constantly evaluating our content offerings and products to best serve our users,” the company said in a statement.

“XTube has always had a dedicated but small community, and we believe that its users and creators will be better served on one of our existing platforms, where they will be able to take advantage of wider reach and increased visibility,” the statement continued.

Anti-trafficking advocate Laila Mickelwait, who founded the activist group Traffickinghub, cheered the news on Twitter as a major blow to the porn giant Mind Geek, who she says pulls a profit from the “mass sex-trafficking and exploitation of women and minors.”

“Another one bites the dust,” the activist wrote.

“Soon we’ll be saying goodbye to the whole ‘MindGeek Criminal Enterprise’ as owners Antoon, Tassillo and Bergmair are hauled away in handcuffs for profiting from & globally distributing ‘child pornography’/CSAM, rape & sex trafficking,” she predicted.

“XTube’s announced shutdown is more evidence that MindGeek’s exploitation empire is crumbling,” Dawn Hawkins, the CEO of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCSE), said in a statement.

“This is welcome news, given the mounting evidence that MindGeek has hosted and profited from child sex abuse material, rape, sex trafficking, nonconsensual material, sexual violence and other racist and misogynistic sexual content on its myriad of pornography websites. XTube’s closure is a clear victory for the movement to hold Pornhub, MindGeek, and the pornography industry accountable for their facilitation of sexual abuse and exploitation.”

NCSE has filed a class-action lawsuit against Mind Geek, which is facing other lawsuits as well from survivors of sex trafficking and abuse who allege they knowingly profited from content featuring abuse and trafficking victims.

Mind Geek dismisses these accusations as “absurd.”

“Any assertion that we allow CSAM is irresponsible and flagrantly untrue,” they told Fox last year. “We have zero tolerance for CSAM. Pornhub is unequivocally committed to combating CSAM, and has instituted an industry-leading trust and safety policy to identify and eradicate illegal material from our community.”

Mind Geek has too much stacked against it to defend itself much longer. Let’s pray we see a swift end to the whole wicked pornography industry and an end to the modern-day slave trade that is the human trafficking crisis.

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