Antifa, BLM Thugs in Los Angeles Assault Black Veteran, Steal His Flag


A Black military veteran was caught on video being harassed and assaulted by a crowd of Black Lives Matter and Antifa thugs in downtown Los Angeles earlier this week.

“It’s going down in Los Angeles right now,” one Twitter user captioned a video clip showing a few minutes of the brutal attack.

The attack occurred during a “Say Their Names Graveyard Protest” on Saturday afternoon and was recorded in full by Hesitant Heroes, a social justice group.

At the start of the video, the crowd is seen surrounding the unidentified man, shoving and eventually dragging him away from the event. After the mob pins him up against a parked vehicle, a man in black bloc comes up from behind and steals his flag.

The video begins after the incident is already underway, and as of this writing, no details have been confirmed as to the cause of the altercation.

Undeterred, the man makes his way through the mob and retrieves his stolen flag, all the while being swarmed and attacked by the crowd.

“This is America,” the man shouts during the uproar. “I served my country. I bled for my country.”

“I’m a United States citizen and a veteran,” he continues to shout while being shoved down the street.

“I don’t give a f*** about veterans,” one protester screams back at him.

The assault goes on for nearly ten minutes before the man catches sight of a police vehicle and signals for help, at which point the thugs decide they’ve had enough.

“Let him play with the cops,” one of them yells. “Let’s go.”

Thankfully, officers moved the man to safety and drove him away from the scene.

At this point, no reports are forthcoming regarding an investigation or any arrests. For now, it looks like this will simply be tossed onto the pile of “peaceful protests” continuing to ripple across the nation.

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