Video: Antifa Thug Attacks Elderly Woman Holding American Flag At Boston Free Speech Rally

Footage from today’s free speech rally in Boston shows a woman waving an American flag being dragged by what appears to be an “Antifascist.”


According to NBC News, this free speech rally has been planned since July – prior to last week’s madness in Charlottesville, Virginia.

“We are a coalition of libertarians, progressives, conservatives, and independents and we welcome all individuals and organizations from any political affiliations that are willing to peaceably engage in open dialogue about the threats to, and importance of, free speech and civil liberties,” the rally’s Facebook event page states.

According to Heavy, groups like ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War & End Racism) showed up to protest the rally, accusing its organizers of being “white nationalist organizations.”

Antifa also appears to have made an appearance based on footage uploaded to social media that shows members of the violent group – clad in their trademark masked uniforms – battling police officers.

In another clip, an Antifascist can be seen hitting an elderly woman waving an American flag before dragging her several feet.

The woman appears to be okay, save for a possible bruise on her elbow.

This wasn’t the only instance of reported violence on the part of leftist protesters at the rally; Boston’s police commissioner William Evans reported that said protesters also hurled bottles of urine at them.

The Gateway Pundit reports that 27 people were arrested in total at today’s rally, which appears to have been much more controlled than last Saturday’s event in Charlottesville.

Please take a moment to pray for those continuing the fight to protect free speech in the United States.

As seen in Boston today and in Charlottesville last week, far-leftists are increasingly adopting violent tactics as a means of shutting down those with political opinions they disagree with.

Of course, it doesn’t help that liberals have turned a blind eye to the violence. Today, CNN even went as far as to insist that Antifa members “seek peace through violence.”

Seriously, CNN? Antifascists are literally anarchists. They seek the exact opposite of peace.

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