Don’t Forget To Share! – These Are The Faces Of Antifa, Unmasked

If you assault people as a means of advancing your own belief set, you’re a thug. If you do so while hiding your face, you’re a coward.


Those words perfectly describe Antifa, the violent far-left group that claims to be an ‘anti-fascist’ protest organization.

It’s unclear how assaulting people and breaking stuff constitutes a protest, but we digress.

The group reared its ugly head last weekend in Berkeley, and carnage ensued.

As The Independent Journal Review shares, “the Antifa members systematically hunted down and beat innocent civilians in the street, assaulting journalists, veterans and police officers along the way.”

Disturbing images and videos have been making the rounds ever since. Members of Antifa were clad in black, brandishing weapons, and covering their own faces to conceal their identities.

Laughably, the mainstream media has previously attempted to glamorize the actions of the group.

The narrative CNN presented is that they’re so gosh darn upset over President Donald Trump, that they’re seeking ‘peace through violence.’

This incredibly irresponsible reporting further emboldens the thugs, as does the fact that Democratic leaders are turning a blind eye.

However, there may finally be some cracks in the ranks.

“The behavior was enough to even get Nancy Pelosi to disavow them,” IJR shares.  

That’s a start, and her cronies on the left and in the press should do the same. Antifa needs to be exposed for what it is before even more damage is done.

On that note, there have been several recent arrests of Antifa members. Wouldn’t you know it – their attempts to mask their identities have been in vain, as the mug shots have been made public.

Be sure to share these pics for all to see, as this cowardly group of thugs deserve all the attention they get for their abhorrent actions.

Here’s a mugshot of a UC Berkeley student by the name of Emily Gillespie.

Emily thought it would be wise to assault a journalist holding a camera at last weekend’s rally.

While these next people don’t have as entertaining a story as Emily’s, they’ve been arrested for their violent actions in Berkeley nonetheless.

The names of those arrested, as per CBS SF:

  • Seth Vasquez, 25
  • Mark Misohink, 23
  • James Dominic, 23
  • Kristopher Wyrick, 39
  • Harlan Pankau, 38
  • Levi Smith, 32
  • Sean Hines, 20
  • Brittany Moorman, 26
  • Yesenia Mendez, 22
  • Sean Dougan, 47
  • Rachel Moore, 40
  • Joshua Phillips, 36

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The Independent Journal Review