“Antinatalist” Protesters in Minnesota Declare We Should “Stop Having Kids”


Last week, a so-called “antinatalist” group held a demonstration in Edina, Minnesota, urging people to “Stop Having Kids,” which also happens to be the name of the organization behind the event.

Alpha News reports that the group held signs declaring “stop having kids,” “normalize antinatalism,” and “women can be whole without becoming a mom.”

The group appears to argue that birth is the origin point for all human suffering, and is apparently not too concerned with who, exactly, will enjoy a world free of suffering if everyone stops having kids.

The group’s platform describes itself as “antinatalist,” meaning they believe it is morally wrong to have children.

Their website declares that there is “an unconscionable amount of needless suffering and death in the world, with birth serving as the catalyst for it all.”

“We can choose to end the cycle of needless suffering and death and help those who already exist,” the group states.

The adamantly pro-choice group argues that “All humans and other animals have an inherent birthright to their entire body and nobody should be able to force anyone else to do anything with their body—but should we force others into existence when we know there is no consent or desire or unselfish need?”

“We believe there are no reasons for having children that aren’t self-focused (besides through force) and that having children is unethical and irrational—despite the fact that birth is a natural process,” their website also states.

Stop Having Kids believes that the only reason people procreate is “egocentric and self-focused,” and not out of “rational interest for that future child and the collective world,” their website reads.

They believe that “parenthood regret is a real and silent epidemic,” something which is astronomically offensive to those who have already been born, and does nothing to serve those who have not yet been born save for those conceived whose mother may, using this reasoning, make the decision to destroy it before it has a chance to be born.

Stop Having Kids also declares that their philosophy is “one in the same” with veganism, and that they advocate for “vegantinatalism.”

They also encourage parents and kids to get involved with their movement so that others might feel inspired to intentionally avoid ever having the sacred, immeasurably rewarding and selfless endeavor of raising a child or feel validated in their choice not to.

For those who do not know the One who hand crafted them in the womb, it is impossible to see the inherent value of human life, the miracle of conception, and the incredible joy of raising another human being.

This group aligns closely with veganism and yet adamantly defends the perceived “right” to destroy unborn life in the womb; they uphold the value of animal life more than human life.

This ideology will not do anything to reduce suffering; quite the opposite.

The more the world demotes our creator, the more they demote His image-bearers, no matter how often they claim that this is done so out of perceived compassion.

There’s no two ways about it — you cannot profess to care for humanity if you so callously disregard the value of the lives of its weakest members.

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