Apparently, Passports Are Also Transphobic. When Will It End?


The anti-science transgender lobby seems determined to stop at nothing until literally every single facet of life on earth is gender-neutral, it seems.

Nothing is safe from the psychotic tirades of the gender-phobic (see what I did there?) Yesterday, it was the term “pregnant women.” A few months ago, it was a refusal to sleep with a trans person. Now, it’s passports.

And to be clear, we’re not talking about transgender people wanting to have their passports changed to the gender they pretend to be.

They want the right to have gender-neutral passports.


On something as benign as a legal form of documentation, it is apparently too much to handle to simply deal with the fact that you might have an “M” or “F” on it for some people who try to pretend they have no gender.

In the UK, according to The Daily Mail, a woman (yes, WOMAN goshdarnit) has been petitioning the courts there for 25 years to be allowed to put “X” on her passport. One wonders what more important cause she might have been able to dedicate herself to with that much energy and drive….

Anyway, Christie Elan-Cane, who was born a woman and then decided that she wasn’t a woman or a man, because that’s totally how science works, is waiting this week to hear if her case will receive a full hearing in the British High Court.

She wrote on Facebook that the UK should allow her arbitrary passport change because all the other cool countries are doing it, writing “The UK Government is generally regarded as out of step, with policy change in this area being implemented in other countries.”

The countries she hopes the UK will imitate are Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Germany, Malta, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Ireland and Canada, which all allow for a third option to be marked on their passports.

“The claimant considers that obtaining and using a passport currently involves the claimant making a false declaration as to the nature of the claimant’s gender identity, which causes the claimant considerable distress,” read the official documents submitted to the court on  Elan-Cane’s behalf.

Really, considerably distress? You know what causes considerable distress? Forcing a little boy to live as a girl to fulfill your own bizarre fantasy about his supposed transexual identity.

The documents go on to say that Her Majesty’s Passport Office’s “refusal to provide for X passports affects not only non-gendered persons such as the claimant but a broad section of the public.”

…Who on earth is affected by this except for the minuscule number of people in Great Britain that actually might be upset by binary genders on a passport application?

Narind Singh, a partner at the law firm Clifford Chance which is representing Elan-Cane pro-bono, is thrilled to be a part of such an ‘important’ case.

“Gender identity is a fundamental part of an individual’s intimate, personal identity and X-passports are a crucial step in the protection of the human rights of this group of individuals,” she says, “who otherwise face an unacceptable choice between forgoing a passport and making a false declaration, and using a passport which misrepresents their identity.”

Let me get this straight…this woman can’t have her biological gender on her passport because she’s concerned that would be a “false declaration?”

Oh, that’s rich.