Apparently, Women’s Self Defense Is Now Considered Racist


If ever you have thought that the left calls everything racist, well, I bet you didn’t think of this. Yes, the left is now trying to claim that women’s self-defense is embedded in white supremacy and xenophobia.

Because of course it is.

For years, leftist feminists have been critical of women’s self-defense for reinforcing rape culture or something. You know, don’t teach women to defend themselves, teach men not to rape, which of course makes as much sense as, well, claiming that defending oneself is racist.

This ridiculous claim is being made by feminist author Wendy L. Rouse in a book she has recently penned which explores the history of women’s self-defense through an intersectional lens, according to

Indeed, she determines in In Her Own Hero: The Origins of the Women’s Self-Defense Movement, self-defense has a long history of bigotry.

Once women began to be empowered through self-defense, “it also allowed those same women to teach working-class and immigrant women the tactics in a white savior–esque fashion,” Rouse claims according to a book review written by Britni de la Cretaz.

So…it’s racist to try to help immigrants to defend themselves too?


These days, Rouse continues, marginalized groups of people are carrying on the tradition of racist self-defense by learning to defend themselves. At least, it seems to be that that’s what she’s getting at. It’s definitely still white people’s fault, either way.

“Marginalized folks have signed up for classes in droves following the election of Donald Trump, mirroring the historical purpose of self-defense as a means of empowerment and protection for oppressed people,” Cretaz summarizes Rouse as explaining. “In the current political moment, similar concerns are manifesting with the rise of white supremacy and white nationalist movements.”

So…it’s racist to teach marginalized people self-defense, and also they have to learn self-defense because of all that white supremacy, but isn’t it the white supremacists who want to be racist by teaching them self-defense?

This is exactly what is wrong with leftist, intersectional politics. All reason and logic simply implodes when you force everything into a box in which there are varying degrees of victimhood that permeate every aspect of modern life. This author simultaneously calls white people wanting to help non-white people racist while blaming the rise of white supremacy for non-white people needing to learn self-defense. It’s illogical, confusing, and completely ridiculous.

Look, if there are gangs of white supremacists roaming the countryside just looking for a marginalized person to hurt, it doesn’t matter who teaches those marginalized people to defend themselves, it is always an inherently good thing that they be equipped. This is why it is so ridiculous of the left to constantly warn about our rampant rape culture and act like lynch mobs are still a real problem in the US, while turning around and advocating for women and people of color to be stripped of their gun rights.

Self-defense is always positive, and always empowering, no matter what color or gender you are. Pick a lane, leftists, either you want people empowered or you don’t!