Are Homeschool Moms the New American Revolutionaries?


This is a guest post from Isa C. of Crunchy Con Christian Mom 

While many families often chose to homeschool for personal reasons, the widespread trend of homeschooling seems to be initiating a quiet revolution.

There are of course many different educational methods that fit different families and the learning needs of their children, but I have always been personally drawn to the classical method, as have a great many Christian home educators.

The classical traditions that are experiencing a revival in homes across America are about much more than simply memorizing timelines and learning to recite great works of poetry.

They are the educational traditions on which all of the Western Civilization was built. And as the very same West seems to crumble all around us, those of us who have chosen to take our children’s academic diets into our own hands may be changing the future more than we even realize.

You see, when our nation’s public schools kicked out God, they also kicked out the moral and philosophical foundations on which our nation was built.

Many of us may be bringing our children home to be educated so we can teach them about God, but we don’t necessarily realize how significant this is in the grander scheme of our society.

Our Founding Fathers believed in biblical law, as well as the rational basis for it established by the great traditions of Athens and Jerusalem. Without the moral rationale for our founding philosophy, is it any wonder that the pillars of natural rights, liberty, and justice are crumbling as ill-educated Americans adopt instead the ideas of Marxism, critical theory, intersectionality, and the very redefinition of what constitutes truth?

This rejection of truth is at the root of our nation’s great political divide and turmoil, political science professor and author C. Bradley Thompson recently told Breitbart News Daily.

“In 2019, the intellectual class in the United States doesn’t believe in the concept of truth,” he explained. “In 2016, the word of the year in the Oxford dictionary was ‘post-truth.’ It said that we live in a post-truth society, that is to say, we live in a world where truth is allegedly subjective. Every person effectively has their truth, or every group has their truth, where as the Founding Fathers believed in truth with a capital T, that truth is absolute, certain, permanent, and universal.”

It’s easy to focus all our attention on Washington DC, but there are deeper issues that must be addressed before we can ever expect to see a true revival of our founding philosophy on Capitol Hill…or anywhere else.

Change, as we’re so often told, starts at home.

Thompson said, “Unfortunately I think, too many libertarians and conservatives and classical liberals invest too much time in politics, whereas John Adams and Thomas Jefferson believed that — what really is the underpinning — the soul of a nation is how we educate our children. That’s the core issue, and so whoever controls the schools, and now also the universities, will control the culture.”

He continued, “As Andrew Breitbart once said, politics is downstream from culture, and culture is downstream from the universities, and so if we lose the battle for the universities — and our schools, K through 12 — then we find ourselves in a very difficult position,” warned Thompson.

What this movement has been torn down must be rebuilt in the same way.

With education.

Homeschooling, Thompson explained, is proving to be an excellent antidote to the kind of ideology that is rooting out the foundation of our society.

“I do have hope in homeschooling,” he said. “I think homeschooling is one way in which we can recapture this culture, and I would argue, and have argued, that the leaders of the revolution are America’s homeschooling mothers. They’re the ones at the forefront of this change, and I would strongly encourage people to pull their kids out of government schools and to homeschool their children.”

As the homeschool movement continues to grow, so do the numbers of future Americans who will be able to once again articulate what makes these cultural battles worth fighting, what made our republic worth founding, and what makes our God worth worshipping.

If you are educating your child at home, you are part of an incredible movement that could very well change the course of our divided country in a powerful way.

Isa C. is a homeschool mama, podcaster, blogger, and freelance writer. You can find her at Crunchy Con Christian Mom, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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