Argentinian president Javier Milei, a quickly rising hero among conservatives in the western world, recently rebuked the “bloody abortion agenda” at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

In a fiery speech to the gathering of globalists, Milei warned that “the Western world is in danger” thanks to “those who are supposed to have to defend the values of the West are co-opted by a vision of the world that … leads to socialism and thereby to poverty.”

He went on to issue a scathing rebuke of the “radical feminist agenda” and notions that “we human beings damage the planet, which should be protected at all costs, even going as far as advocating for population control mechanisms or the bloody abortion agenda.”

Milei, who was elected in November and assumed office in December, went on to detail the extent to which “Neo-Marxists have managed to co-opt the common sense of the Western world” which has been “achieved by appropriating the media, culture, universities and also international organizations.”

The Christian Post notes that Milei’s libertarian La Libertad Avanza coalition held in its 2023 national election platform its commitment to “the defense of the right to life from conception,” which Milei told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson in an interview has not only a philosophical but also a “scientific” basis.

“As a libertarian, we believe that liberalism entails the unrestricted respect for the lives of others, rooted in a principle of non-aggression, and the defense of life, liberty and property,” he told the conservative figure. “And if we cleave these ideas of liberty, one of the most fundamental aspects is to defend the right to life.”

“It’s the fact that life begins at conception,” he explained. “It’s at that very instant that a new being begins to evolve with its own unique DNA.”

“While it’s true that women have the right to their own bodies, the child in a woman’s womb is not her body. That child is not her baby,” he continued. “That makes abortion a murder, enabled and aggravated by a power imbalance against a child that has no way to defend itself.”

As a consequence of what humans are doing to the planet, they promote the murder of people still in their mother’s womb.”

“It is a bloodthirsty policy in which some humans believe they should decide who should live and who should not,” he asserted. “It’s the utmost expression of hubris: how can a person decide who will live and who will not?”

Link: Argentina’s Milei Denounces “Bloody Abortion Agenda” at World Economic Forum

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