Argentina’s Top Health Official Calls Preborn Babies a “Phenomenon,” Not a Human Life


The top health official of Argentina, where abortion remains illegal, has come under fire for declaring that a preborn child is not a human life but is instead a “phenomenon.”

While Argentinian President Alberto Fernández is working tirelessly to legalize abortion in the South American nation, according to Live Action, Health Minister Dr. Ginés González García affirmed the classic pro-abortion talking point that—unless their mothers decide they are wanted—preborn babies do not count as living human beings.

García’s remarks came during testimony on December 1 to the Committee on General and Criminal Legislation, Women, Diversity, Social Action, and Public Health.

During a back-and-forth with pro-life Congresswoman Dina Rezinovsky, García said:

Here there are not two lives as some say. Here it is clearly just one life and the other is a phenomenon … it is one person and the other is a phenomenon … I repeat, that it seems to me that [the language] is not used properly … if it were not, we would be witnessing the greatest universal genocide.

According to Church Militant, Argentina’s Congress is currently wrestling with a bill that would not only legalize and establish abortion as a right, but it would grant that “right” to girls as young as 13 years of age without parental consent revoke the right of doctors to refuse to perform the procedure.

The Argentine Senate turned down similar legislation in 2018, but President Fernández vowed to see it become law in 2020, relying on the majority Peronist Party in Congress—of which García is a part.

It was “overwhelming to hear a physician describe a baby inside a mother as a ‘phenomenon,’” noted pro-life activist Mariana Rodríguez Varela told Church Militant. “This proves that what is next for them is to deny reality. We affirm that what is at stake is a child, and they know that it means murdering a person.”

García isn’t fooling anyone except himself when he declared that we simply must see the unborn child as anything other than a human life, otherwise “we would be witnessing the greatest universal genocide.” That is why the culture of death will stoop to the lowest levels of mental and verbal gymnastics in order to avoid the reality that the child in the womb is a living, genetically distinct human life.

“[García] affirmed what we have been saying for the longest time,” said Rodríguez Varela. “That abortion is the worst genocide in history. In attempting to mock [pro-lifers], he said the truth.”

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