Argentinian Doctor Facing Suspension Or Prison For Refusing To Perform An Abortion


Sadly, we know all too well by now that Western nations so often refuse to do even their most basic duty of protecting the lives of all citizens, including, and most especially, the unborn.

This is bad enough.

However, fending off totalitarianism as it sinks its claws into every aspect of life and forces the ordinary citizen to abandon his conscience or face punishment is a whole other battle.

In countries with a socialized healthcare industry dominated by leftist governments, the personal convictions of doctors and nurses are routinely overruled, forcing them to dispense or prescribe abortifacient birth control and even perform abortions against their will.

As a virtual slave to the socialist healthcare system, pro-life healthcare providers must either knowingly end human lives or face censure and possible legal action for refusing to do so.

In the case of Dr. Leandro Rodriguez Lastra, his brave refusal to perform an abortion on a baby at 23 weeks gestation has landed him with charges of “obstetrical violence.”

Yes, that’s really the term being used for the act of saving a child’s life. Heaven help us.

According to LifeSite News, Dr. Rodriguez is the head of gynecology at the Pedro Moguillansky Hospital in Cipoletti, Argentina. Court documents state that back in May of 2017, he treated a 19-year-old woman in severe pain due to allegedly ingesting misoprostol, the first step in a two-part abortion pill regimen intended to be used no later than 10-12 weeks into a pregnancy.

Dr. Rodriguez confirmed that the woman was almost 23 weeks pregnant with a 1 lb. 2 oz. baby with a “positive heartbeat.” In conjunction with the medical team and the hospital board, Dr. Rodriguez chose to save both the mother and her child.

Rodríguez stabilized the mother, who then spent another 12 weeks in the hospital until her baby was able to be safely delivered. The child, who remains anonymous, was adopted and is now a healthy, thriving two-year-old. Praise God!

The mother, however, who suffered severe bouts of anorexia nervosa and made several suicide attempts during her stay in the hospital, alleged that her pregnancy was the result of rape. Under Argentinian law, which only allows for abortion in cases of rape or a credible threat to the mother’s life, the mother was eligible to receive an abortion without punishment.

To be clear, this woman deserved holistic, life-affirming support and psychiatric care while she was awaiting the birth of her child, and reports are not clear as to whether or not she received it. We must not forget to cherish and minister to mothers when we plead with them to save their children.

Because Dr. Rodriguez is not listed as a “conscientious objector,” which would make him exempt from performing abortions, and “did everything possible not to perform the abortion” the mother’s public attorney asked for him to be punished to the fullest extent of the law for “obstructing a legal abortion procedure.”

LifeSite reports:

He was judged on Tuesday of bearing “penal responsibility” for having disregarded the law on abortion by “omission.”

“I would act the same again because no child’s death is going to weigh on my conscience,” he told InfoBae days before the trial. He also described the horror of a late abortion and insisted that he would also aim to “save both lives:” that of the mother and that of the child.

Rodriguez Lastra was holding his wife’s hand while the verdict was read. He told the press he is still convinced that he is innocent and had not been expecting to be found guilty. He will appeal the sentence, he has already indicated. He also said in an interview after the verdict that he greatly desires to speak with the woman in the case and has always been open to that.

While it is incredibly tragic that this woman suffered such profound emotional trauma, her child should not have been a victim, and praise the Lord that this child was not.

Thanks to Dr. Rodriguez, there is a happy, healthy toddler somewhere in the world. That little boy or girl is not better off dead simply because of how he or she was conceived, and Dr. Rodriguez should not be punished for saving two lives instead of just one. Let us thank God for men like him who were willing to risk their reputation and even freedom to save the life of this child.

Please pray for Dr. Rodriguez as he begins the process of appealing this egregious ruling, and pray for the thousands of pro-life healthcare workers worldwide faced with similar circumstances.

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