Arkansas Wins MAJOR Legal Victory Against Baby Murder Giant Planned Parenthood

The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) is reporting on a significant legal victory for the state of Arkansas over the abortion giant, Planned Parenthood.


In August 2015, Arkansas cancelled its Medicaid provider relationship with Planned Parenthood, after the Center for Medical Progress released damning videos of senior abortionists discussing how they were profiting from the sale of fetal body parts and altering abortion methods to procure fetal specimens.

See one such clip below.

Planned Parenthood and three “Jane Doe” patients filed a federal lawsuit before the termination of the agreement went into effect. The trial court ruled in Planned Parenthood’s favor with a preliminary injunction to block the contract’s termination.

But on appeal, the Eighth Circuit vacated the lower court’s decision and ruled that the Jane Does did not have a right to force Arkansas to contract with Planned Parenthood.

As it now stands, Planned Parenthood will need to take advantage of other State law procedures in order to re-gain its Medicaid provider status.

However, according to the ACLJ, the Eight Circuit’s ruling is in conflict with other federal appellate courts that did find a private right under federal law to challenge a State’s decision to terminate Medicaid agreements.

For this reason, the ACLJ reports that this case seems destined to go before the Supreme Court.

According to The Associated Press, the three Planned Parenthood patients have already asked the Eighth Circuit to reconsider its dismissal.

The Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette, meanwhile, quotes Planned Parenthood as stating that it plans to fight for the right to murder babies in Arkansas on taxpayer dime.

“There is already an unmet need for health care in Arkansas,” the baby murder facility reportedly said. “In 2014, 204,850 women in Arkansas were in need of publicly supported contraceptive services and supplies.”

For their part, the ACLJ remains committed to defending life and defeating the abortion industry and stands ready to continues the fight if this case moves forward on appeal.

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