Armed Black Militia Members Confront White Driver “I’m Your Worst Nightmare!”


In an incident captured on video went viral this weekend, a member of an all-Black armed militia group confronted the white driver of a van, explaining the philosophy behind their group and it appears to be a far cry from Black Lives Matter.

BizPac Review reports that the incident, which seems to have taken place on the Fourth of July, occurred at Stone Mountain Park near Atlanta, Georgia as members of the group held up traffic.

As a smaller group of the men walk past a minivan, one of them can be heard yelling at the driver, “What the f*ck you laughing at!”

Warning: video contains language

The group of over one hundred then begins shouting “Black Power!”

While not all the dialogue can be heard between the driver of the van and the members of the group who gather around the driver’s side door, you can hear one of them saying “I’m your worst nightmare.”

“We ain’t no Black Lives Matter, we ain’t none of that bullsh*t,” he declares.

Apparently, this group doesn’t think too highly of the high-profile, well-funded left-wing group behind the widespread protests which came in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

As we learn, however, it is not for lack of opposing perceived white supremacy.

When the man asks who they are, he continues.

“We’re black militia,” the militia member says. “We’re your worst nightmare.

“What are you?” the man asks again.

“I just told you what I was,” the militia member replies. “What are you is the question. Everywhere you go you invade, steal, rape, rob and killing.”

“Then you steal people’s culture and you have an attitude about it,” he continued. “Where is our reparations?”

After a bit more of an exchange, the white man asks, “What did I do to you?”

A little later, the black man walks away, seeming to say something about “before you lose your life.”

BizPac Review explains that “The black militia is led by Grand Master Jay, and is called NFAC — which stands for ‘Not F*cking Around Coalition.'”

Jay is advocating for a “new black nation,” and is calling on the U.S. government to cede the state of Texas to them — it’s highly probable that Texans may have a say in the matter.

The militia marched on Stone Mountain Park to call for the giant Confederate rock carving at the site to be removed.

Speaking into a bullhorn, Grand Master Jay taunted “scared-a**” white “rednecks,” effectively challenging them to battle it out.

Described as a “black power militia,” Grand Master Jay encouraged the heavily armed men clad in black to use deadly force against white people if they are confronted.

He also stressed that they are not a part of BLM.

“F**k Black Lives Matter. We don’t f**k with them. We don’t talk. We don’t sing. We ain’t tryin’ to overcome,” Jay said.

“Do not point your weapon at anybody unless they do something to you first,” he told the militia members. “Under Georgia law, you have the right to use deadly force to kill they a**. And I expect that out of every last one of you motherf**kers out here today.”

If this is the new brand of racially-motivated politics, we can only pray that, for all their threatening language, they are more law-abiding than the BLM counterparts they clearly hold so much disdain for. They have every right to speak, to assemble, and to lawfully arm themselves, this is sure and so far, they seem to have obeyed the law.

Let’s hope they continue to do so, or things could be getting really scary!

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