As Afghanistan Crumbles Following U.S. Withdrawal, Families Are Selling Their Young Daughters Into Sex Slavery


While the plight of Afghanistan following the Taliban takeover in August have largely left the headlines, the horror of life after the withdrawal of U.S. forces is still a very stark reality for the nation’s millions of citizens.

Since the Taliban previously held control of the war-ravaged nation before 2001, it was well-known that their staunch application of Sharia law would soon force women and girls to give up the freedoms they had gained under the now-deposed U.S.-backed regime.

However, in addition to the strict moral codes forcing women to wear burkas and forbidding them from performing many jobs and holding public office, the nation’s post-takeover economic instability is also driving families into selling their young daughters as child brides.

Writing for The Daily Signal, Kelsey Bolar recently highlighted how, following the Biden administration’s furiously criticized withdrawal from Afghanistan, girls as young as nine are being sold for the equivalent of a few thousand dollars to feed their starving families.

She highlights a recent heartbreaking segment on CNN, in which little Parwana, who adorns herself in mascara and lipstick, is sold on-camera to a middle-aged man for what amounts to about $2,200 USD.

“My father has sold me because we don’t have bread, rice, and flour,” the little girl told CNN. “He has sold me to an old man.”

In one devastating scene, the child can be seen clinging to her mother as her new “husband” drags her away.

While as the CNN report noted, child marriages are “nothing new” in Afghanistan, they’re now on the rise following the fall of the previous government.

“With aid agencies forced to leave, the international community is caught between a rock and a hard place: How do they deliver help to families in a country controlled by the Taliban, a radical terrorist organization?” Bolar explains.

“Considering that the U.S. State Department hasn’t yet figured out how to evacuate the estimated 200-plus U.S. citizens who still remain trapped behind enemy lines, figuring out how to deliver aid doesn’t appear to be a top priority of the Biden administration,” she bitterly adds.

Indeed, child marriage was already a disturbing aspect of Afghan aspect even before the Taliban takeover. As we reported in September, officials processing evacuees in both Dubai and Wisconsin issued urgent requests for guidance from the military and Department of Homeland Security after discovering what they believed to be girls forced into marriage so they could escape the country who were now being sexually assaulted by their adult “husbands.”

Pray for Afghanistan. Our prayers need not cease because the country’s plight is no longer in the American news cycle.

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