As Colorado Swears in First Gay Governor, Denver Bans So-Called “Conversion Therapy”


The LGBT left is celebrating two milestones in Colorado’s fight for “equality.”

Only much like most “equality” that comes from the left, this will undoubtedly leave many being treated unequally or with unequal access to services they’d otherwise freely choose.

LGBT Nation reports/celebrates:

The city of Denver voted to ban conversion therapy for minors on Monday.

Just as the state of Colorado was getting its first gay governor, the Denver City Council was moving LGBTQ equality forward by banning conversion therapy.

Like other conversion therapy bans, this one focuses only on minors, and it only bans “state-licensed therapists” from the practice.

A news release from the city said that the ban, which was passed unanimously, “will protect LGBTQ+ youth from dangerous and discredited practices aimed at changing their sexual orientation or gender identity or expression.”

While there are have been certain forms of therapy to address homosexuality that have been largely discredited, “conversion therapy” is often used as a blanket statement to ban private practice state-licensed therapists from counseling someone who has same-sex attraction and would like to no longer have said attraction.

This is, of course, not anything that guarantees any kind of equality. This means that minors or parents of minors who wish to address homosexual urges through therapy will not be able to find a state-licensed therapist in the City of Denver who will be legally allowed to help them.

Homosexuality can often be rooted in childhood abuse, as can many other life struggles that one might seek counseling to address.

It wasn’t that long ago that homosexuality was treated as a mental illness for this reason. All that has changed is the culture. Many still struggle with homosexual urges, meaning, they no longer wish to have them.

Are they being treated equally? Not at all.

While there was once a stigma on being homosexual, there is now a stigma on wishing to address homosexuality.

Do not forget that this is the same state that the SCOTUS plainly ruled had shown distinct and unfair animus towards Christian baker Jack Phillips, who politely declined to bake a personalized wedding cake for a same-sex couple.

Time and time again we see it demonstrated that Americans have a choice to make: we can have liberty, or we can force everyone to accept homosexuality.

The fight for “equality” is never really about equality.