Is Australia Planning to Remove Gender References From Sex Ed Classes?


If you thought the culture wars were getting bad in Australia, if you thought political correctness was taking over the planet, you haven’t seen anything yet.

A new study in Australia is making bizarre and contradictory claims about references to sex organs in sexual education, “inclusiveness” for transgender students, and why schools should stop using “gendered” words.

Ooooooh boy.

According to Yahoo News Australia, this study suggests that “Rather than gendered references to reproductive anatomy with words like penis, vagina, sperm, and ovaries, gender-neutral terms to identify these organs could be used.”

The paper, which was published in the Journal of Sex Education, asserts that “Educators and sexuality education programs must… develop ways of talking about bodies and intimacy that shift attention away from the normative association of particular genders with particular anatomies.”

Now, here’s the confusing part. You would assume, and the study even suggests, that this would be to accommodate transgender students, all in the name of the god of political correctness. However, they simultaneously suggest that this “normative association of particular genders” is actually causing transgenderism. 

“The language of sperm and eggs can produce dysphoria for some young transgender people,” the report claims. Yahoo News adds that the report also says: “The references in the mainstream education caused some of the young people to experience a disordered view of their genitalia, which they found distressing and caused gender dysphoria.”

According to Yahoo, the study seems to have consisted largely of watching YouTube videos made by transgender youth talking about how alienated they felt by mainstream sex ed.

Pro-traditional marriage groups apparently supported the study, believing it would help reduce the leftist propaganda that has been prominent in Austrailia’s sex ed programs.

“We have them advocating for the de-gendering of sex education of all students and confirming the concerns raised by parents about how radical LGBTI sex and gender education would infiltrate their children’s education,” said Coalition for Marriage spokesman Lyle Shelton.

The authors of the study, on the other hand, disagreed that this was the purpose, not surprisingly.

“If we can reduce HIV… reduce unwanted pregnancies and reduce kids being coerced into having sex they don’t want to have, including transgender kids, it’s a good thing,” co-author and associate professor in social work, Damien Riggs, said.

So…let me get this straight. Removing references to sperm and eggs will help prevent gender dysphoria and also accommodate the gender dysphoric and also somehow prevent unwanted pregnancies? So is transgenderism then a good thing or something one would want to prevent? nd also, huh???

And also…huh???

This is nothing short of absolute confusion. You would think that it would be a positive thing to take any measures possible to prevent gender dysphoria, which is a serious mental illness that no one should have to experience. But it is entirely unclear how applying the findings of this study would help anyone at all.

This obsession with gender needs to stop. This wasn’t a problem a few decades ago. It doesn’t need to be so complicated to simply teach children about the birds and the bees as plain, biological fact. Parents used to take this responsibility upon themselves and convey their values to their children.

It is an eerie world when state schools begin to take these important lessons upon themselves and consider doing away completely with gender in the context of basic biology.