Australian Lawmaker Claims Coronavirus Outbreak Is Sexist Despite Higher Deaths Among Men


Many things have been said about the novel coronavirus COVID-19, but this may be a new one. According to one lawmaker in Australia, the global health pandemic is a “gendered crisis.”

The Western Journal reports that Mehreen Faruqi, an Australian senator representing New South Wales, made such comments in an address to her fellow legislators.

“Let us not forget that COVID-19 is a gendered crisis. Nurses, nurse aids, teachers, child care workers and early childhood educators, age care workers and cleaners, are mostly women,” Faruqi said Wednesday.

“[Women] are on the front line of this public health crisis, and carry a disproportionate risk of being exposed to the virus,” she went on.

“Let’s also not forget that not all homes are safe places. Quarantine or self-isolation at home will put women and children at risk. Women’s advocates and domestic violence experts are warning us that domestic abuse increases during time of crisis,” Faruqi added, before scolding her colleagues for not providing “adequate funding” for the “needs and resources of refugees” and her feminist agenda.

The pro-abortion lawmaker posted her speech on Twitter where she was informed by users that the true “gendered crisis” of the coronavirus is that it is actually killing men at a much higher rate than women.

According to CNN:

In countries such as Italy, men represent nearly 60% of people who tested positive for the virus and more than 70% of those who have died, according to the country’s National Health Institute (ISS). Even in countries like South Korea, where the proportion of women who have tested positive for the virus is higher than that of men, about 54% of the reported deaths are among men.

Dr. Deborah Birx, the White House’s coronavirus response coordinator, said at a White House press briefing on Friday: “From Italy we’re seeing another concerning trend. That the mortality in males seems to be twice in every age group of females.”

It’s absurd to suggest that the coronavirus is sexist or that the pandemic is a “gendered crisis.” Pray for the more than 1,200 people currently infected with the virus in Faruqi’s district of New South Wales where, currently, 7 people have died.

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