Australian Man Sets Himself on Fire to Protest Vaccine Mandates


Australia’s far-reaching COVID mandates and restrictions have received growing attention as of late, but one horrific incident highlights the deeply-felt outrage of those who are living under the draconian measures.

A Victoria man doused himself and his vehicle with gasoline before setting himself on fire in the streets earlier this week in an incident which witnesses say was intentional, Faithwire reported.

Witness Linda O’Connor, who spoke to the Herald Sun that the man had been “screaming about mandates” in the moments before he committed the shocking act.

“It was on purpose,” she said.

The man reportedly had to be pinned down as bystanders attempted to put out the blaze.

“His skin was burning,” another witness said. “His skin is stuck to my shirt. He was just off his face [intoxicated] screaming about the vaccine mandates.”

One man who was in the street at the time recorded a video of the blaze, which was posted to Twitter.

Warning: language

The man has not been identified.

In December, Victoria passed the nation’s first pandemic-specific legislation, as The Epoch Times reported when the measures passed.

Thousands took to the streets in Melbourne to protest the bill, which gave the Victoria’s government ultimate power to make pandemic declarations and health orders.

Currently, vaccination is required to enter bars, restaurants, and other public places in Victoria, and all workers are required to be vaccinated.

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