Australian School Bans Gender-Neutral Bathrooms After Parents Protest


The newest high school in Brisbane, Australia was set to feature predominantly gender-neutral bathrooms until, thankfully, parents stepped in and demanded change.

Fortitude Valley State Secondary College, which opens its doors to students on January 28, would have become the first school in Queensland without specifically designed boys’ and girls’ separate bathrooms.

According to The Sun, the Australian Department of Education confirmed in December that all bathrooms at the $55 million secondary school would be unisex except for two male and female bathrooms in locker rooms.

Even in the leftist paradise of Australia, parents were absolutely livid.

“Being a teenager is a really big time of change, for boys and for girls, and kids have a right to feel safe,” said local mom Michelle Mitchell to the Sunday Mail.

“We already know some really bad things happen to kids in bathroom areas of schools,” Mitchell continued. “Bullying, sexting, kids recording on mobiles, these things already go on when they’re just within their own sex, and then you’re adding in an extra element.”

These all sound like great reasons to keep your kids out of these schools altogether, but I digress.

Mitchell was far from alone in denouncing the bathroom plan, and the voices of the parents who stood up against it were, amazingly enough, heard and obeyed.

In response to the backlash, Queensland’s Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk overruled the Department of Education and reversed the decision.

Education Minister Grace Grace said that “all necessary arrangements” had been made to align with the reversed decision, according to The Sun. “This includes a change to make separate, gender-specific toilets for boys and girls available. There are also specific toilets for students with a disability.”

Unsurprisingly, the idea to move to gender-neutral toilets in the first place came from a desire to stop “discrimination” against transgender students.

Opposition education spokesman Jarrod Bleijie welcomed the reversal, calling the lack of gender-specific bathrooms a “recipe for disaster.”

“How about instead of this PC rubbish the government spend more time helping our teachers with workload issues, air con our schools, declutter the curriculum, fix the school maintenance backlogs and better support our teachers in regional and remote Queensland,” Bleijie said, adding that the liberal Labor Party responsible has “its priorities all wrong.”

Well, that’s a huge step in the right direction! Now let’s see if Queensland parents can root out pornographic sex ed and LGBT indoctrination from their children’s schools!

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