Australian Woman Fired for Expressing Her Views on Same-Sex Marriage on Facebook


As Austrailia wages their own culture war in anticipation of the country’s vote whether or not to legalise same-sex marriage (something Americans were not given the chance to vote on, by the way), a business owner has gone public for firing an employee who shared on Facebook that she would be voting no.

The employee, 18-year-old Madeline, is a Christian and felt compelled to choose a Facebook profile filter that said: “it’s OK to vote no” to share her personal views. She claims this was the only public expression of her views she made on Facebook, although her employer remembers it differently.

Madeline had begun working for Madlin Sims shortly before this, helping with her children’s party business. She’d gotten the job through an acquaintance with Sims’ brother.

The job didn’t last long, however, when Sims and her brother saw her profile filter. This led quickly to Madeline’s termination, as well as an angry social media tirade on the part of Sims, who created her own little drama in which she was the hero and an 18-year-old she’d hired to tie balloons and hang streamers at birthday parties was the villain.

Madeline says that Sims’ brother called her up and asked her to take down the filter, and she politely refused and explained that they were her personal beliefs and she’d felt she needed to share them.

Sims eventually sent Madeline this message via Facebook, according to

Sims then took to Facebook to virtue signal like there was no tomorrow and bash this poor teenager for simply expressing her own personal views on her Facebook page.

It sounds like this woman is the real risk? What kind of business does she think she’s operating? She is clearly a zealously ideological leftist and has delusions of grandeur in the way she runs her business. What kind of damage is it doing to these children to have someone so dead-set on including the LGBTQ agenda in their birthday parties, while we’re on the topic?

The LGBTQ agenda has turned into one that is full of bullies. It wasn’t enough that this woman simply let the girl go, she could have done that at any time without explaining why, as Madeline was not under contract.

She needed to offer her up on the altar of political correctness as a sacrifice to publicly proclaim her dedication to her cause.

Leftists want nothing more than to tailor their entire experience in the world to one that suits their exact ideology. They can’t handle simple, civil disagreements about clearly controversial topics. They must make sure to punish anyone who dares think differently.

Here’s an important question for Sims: if it’s so damaging for gay children to hear the views of people who believe the gay lifestyle is a sin, what is it doing to the world’s millions of Christians to have you marching around declaring them such awful people?

That street goes both ways.

Madeline, on the other hand, who never had any intention to be involved in all of this and didn’t even know she was at the center of the controversy until the publication Hack approached her for comment, according to F3News.

Although Fair Work Australia is investigating the incident to see if what Sims was illegal, Madeline says she will most likely not take her to court.

“I am tempted to but at this point I don’t feel like it would do anything. I don’t feel like it would make me a bigger and better person if I did,” she says.

She is truly a humble and faithful Christian.